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5 Best Free Proposal Management Tools for Freelancers

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Freelancers are often faced with the difficult task of writing proposals from scratch for every client. Using free online proposal management tools will offer you relief. Creating a new proposal for every client takes up a lot of your time as a freelancer. Instead, using online proposal tools helps you spend this time finishing your existing projects and finding new gigs. Check out the following apps for proposal management, so you can always give your best to a new client. 1. Proposify This free online proposal tool is particularly suitable for freelancers who need a quick tweak to proposal templates to customize for different industries. Creating, sending, and managing proposals are now simple and quick. Proposify offers options to add text, images, and videos to the proposals. The interface of this tool allows drag-and-drop so that you can add various sections to the proposal document without much effort. You can also modify the text boxes, tables, sidebars, and background colors in its layout editor. Moreover, its robust analytics features let you know the section of your proposal that got the most views, the number of times the proposal got viewed, the duration of the views, etc. It offers you the facility to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into your proposal with ease. Its Online signature tool allows faster signing of proposals once the client agrees to do so. With the help of Proposify, you can further track the performance of the proposals you send. Thus, you will have a better idea of the proposals that benefit you and the areas where you should improve. Download: Proposify for Android | iOS (Free) 2. PandaDoc This online proposal app is also a smartphone-based tool that works fine on both iOS and Android. PandaDoc lets you create customized proposals by quickly filling in the document fields of the template proposal. As you can build any template document here, sending any other necessary information with the proposal to your client is just a few clicks away. The custom notification feature of this tool empowers you by spontaneously informing you about some actions. For example, you can enable notifications to know when the client opened the document, the time they spent reading the proposal, and the time of signature. The two major resources of PandaDoc are templates and a content library. You can create templates for the proposals and include images or formatted copies to brand them as per your freelance business . You can save your portfolio for any particular industry or terms of work in the content library. Whenever there is a need to customize the proposal, add information in the square brackets. ‍This tool offers easy integration with various CRMs. It is also useful to create proposals that include collaboration. Download: PandaDoc for Android | iOS (Free) 3. Bonsai While working as a freelancer, a proposal is not the only thing you worry about. You need to manage your clients, calculate task time, prepare invoices, and many more. Bonsai offers you […]

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