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Best Features of Cloze for Seamless Business Management

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As a freelance worker, you are regularly dealing with multiple projects from different clients. With a busy schedule, staying in touch with clients becomes a challenge, but it is essential to remain productive. Wouldn’t it be great if an app based on AI could display all updates in one place, eliminate the need for data entry, and remind you proactively of client meetings? Cloze, the smart CRM software, makes all of this happen reliably and efficiently. What Is Cloze? Cloze is one of the best CRMs that you can try to streamline your client and partner relationship management. It offers many automation features that aspiring freelancers and consultants can utilize to reach their productivity goals. Some of the best features that you can try are: 1. Integrate Third-Party Productivity Apps Freelancers often need to interact using multiple apps. It happens as different clients will choose a varied number of apps for communication , file sharing, and project management. To integrate work apps in Cloze: Click on More and then select Settings . From Settings , click on Connected Accounts . Now click Add to see the list of apps available for sync. Don’t get distracted by a myriad of apps. Connect all app accounts to the online Cloze suite and stay focused on productive project works. Here are a handful of tasks that you can accomplish through the integration feature: OneDrive or Dropbox or Google Drive Sync: Cloze AI will automatically scan all your contacts, clients, partners, deals, and projects to find out matching folders in your Dropbox account. Files on those folders will become available in your online Cloze CRM software. Cloze will also sync with Dropbox periodically to keep updated files at your fingertips. Slack Automation: If you connect your Slack account with Cloze, the Clozebot will help you organize to-dos, schedules, and agendas from Cloze on Slack. That’s not all. Cloze can also highlight conversations, projects, person, deals, etc., to your timeline based on Slack messages. 2. Efficient Note-Taking and Organizing If you need to take and organize a lot of notes, Cloze is here to help. Similarly, when you need to analyze many notes from clients or partners, Cloze can automate the task for you. You don’t need to copy-paste texts from one app to another. Cloze will present a dashboard of notes to you with tags and mentions of persons, clients, or projects. To create notes: Click on the Compose icon on the top right corner of the Cloze web app. Select Create Note to get started. From the same card, you’ll get many other tools like Send Mail , Log Meeting , Share Post , Add To Do , etc. Cloze supports many note-taking apps syncing such as OneNote and Evernote. Through Zappier , you can connect other prominent note-taking apps as well. 3. Email Marketing Made Easy Cloze app eliminates the need for extra expense on an email marketing agency. You can start reaching out to prospective clients by crafting professional and […]

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