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JazzCash for Pakistani Freelancers

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The UK-based freelance platform is now offering a new payment gateway for Pakistanis to ensure safe and secure transactions. Freelancers make a total of 1.1 billion out of the 3.5 billion global workforces, with the majority of the workers operating from South Asian regions like Pakistan. Due to a lack of local secure payment systems, clients and freelancers often face problems and have to deal with numerous scams. TaskShift, a UK-based freelance platform , has introduced JazzCash as their payment gateway for Pakistanis to ensure safe and secure transactions. TaskShift believes that one of the most critical problems clients and freelancers face today is scams or frauds. On one hand, clients often end up losing their money to fraudulent scams, and on the other hand, many freelancers remain unpaid or underpaid despite timely delivering the project. Through local payment gateways, such as JazzCash, clients and freelancers based in Pakistan can make transactions through a secure platform, with the added protection and reliability of TaskShift’s Escrow. Clients in Pakistan who outsource work frequently but cannot use Paypal and do not wish to rely on debit or credit cards can feel more at peace while making payments via JazzCash. Similarly, freelancers can also feel secure and confident that their rightful earnings are protected with TaskShift. Revolutionising freelancing globally TaskShift is an emerging UK-based online freelance marketplace that aims to stabilize the global freelance economy by charging only 3% commission. With a market-competitive commission rate, freelancers do not feel the need to charge unreasonable rates for their services, and small businesses can outsource work without breaking the bank. Ultimately, this also allows business owners to execute their dream projects and kickstart new projects. According to TaskShift, the JazzCash payment gateway will only be visible to users in Pakistan. TaskShift representatives further confirm that they will soon be launching local payment gateways for other regions, which are considered the hotspot of freelancers. This content is a paid advertisement by TaskShift and is not associated with or necessarily reflective of the views of or its editorial staff.

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