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Seven side jobs you can do without special skills

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Walking dogs is one of the gigs a person can get without demonstrating that they have specialized training or prior experience. You don’t need specialized skills to find a good side hustle. If you have a smartphone and transportation, there are plenty of side hustles just about anyone can do. When making this list of gigs, we had a few criteria: It needs to be a job that doesn’t require a degree, much experience, extraordinary talent, great strength or specialized equipment. We have assumed here, however, that you have a smartphone and ready access to a car. We’ve also assumed that you can pass a criminal background check. (Some work platforms don’t require background checks. But an increasing number do, particularly when the job entrusts you with children or with another person’s safety.) We’ve also culled the options to get rid of side hustles that pay less than minimum wage. To be sure, anyone can take online surveys and earn about $1 or $2 per hour. But why would you want to? This list is restricted to side hustles that help you make a reasonable amount of money. Walk dogs If you’re an animal lover, one of the most attractive and readily available side hustles involves dog-walking. Two online platforms — Rover and Wag — can help you find dog-walking jobs that typically pay between $12 and $15 per half-hour. Of the two sites, Rover is more freelancer-friendly, charging lower fees and allowing workers to set their own rates. Rover also lets you create a profile to offer other animal-related services, including overnight dog-sitting. Evaluate Several sites pay freelancers to check out a product, building or accident scene and report back about its condition. These companies pay $5 to $35 per gig, depending on the time and travel involved. IVueit matches freelancers with commercial-property owners who want an on-the-scene review of maintenance or repairs. Jobs generally involve snapping a few photos and filling out a short form. Product Tube pays freelancers to take a video of themselves providing a short product evaluation either at home or at a store. This might involve comparing two types of snack food, for instance, or showing how you decide which beer to buy at the grocery store. The videos are each typically 2 to 4 minutes long. WeGoLook pays freelancers to inspect cars, accident scenes, real estate and businesses. The freelancer is presented with a brief that details the pay, location and what’s involved. If you accept the assignment, you’re expected to complete it within 24 hours. Drive Driving for Uber or Lyft was once a popular side hustle. But these companies are constantly tinkering with their driver terms, and the new rules are rarely driver-friendly. Fortunately, they’re not the only options. Alternatives for people who want to make money driving passengers include Wingz , which specializes in pre-scheduled trips to and from airports, and Zum, Kango and HopSkipDrive , which book rides for minors who need a lift to and from school, […]

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