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Remote work is the future of work

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There is no doubt that the operations of many businesses have changed over the past year. The traditional form of hiring and working has seen a drastic change, especially during this pandemic, paving the way for the growing popularity of freelancing in Africa. Employees who are currently engaging with their employers remotely or are unemployed are constantly exploring the need to have multiple income streams. Increasingly, businesses are hiring freelancers and remote workers for both short term and long-term work. This preference arises from the simple fact that hiring freelancers is a cheaper alternative to getting quality work done. The traditional hiring method can be costly for businesses in times such as this. It is also a barrier to creative expression for freelancers. As more businesses on the continent are exploring remote work and freelancing, it makes financial sense, especially during a crisis, to provide an African solution to a global problem. Kreek Africa seeks to break the limitations of the standard 9-5 work structure by adding some flexibility to the work structure of many businesses. This opens up multiple streams of income for the continent’s workforce. Who is Kreek Africa? It is a freelance portal aimed at connecting freelancers from across Africa to businesses globally. Presenting a smart way of doing business by putting freelancers and clients in Africa on a platform to connect and collaborate, Kreek Africa has redefined the standards and perceptions of working in Africa. What sets Kreek Africa apart from other platforms is that it believes in the African spirit of connections. It seeks to meet the needs of the African business community one connection at a time to bring together freelancers and employers in a positive way that challenges and changes the way the continent does business. Not only is the platform unique to the freelancers and employers, but Kreek Africa is also made up of a competent team dedicated to ensuring that everything on the site is up to par. The Kreek Africa team is a group of passionate individuals with a deep understanding of the setbacks that accompany the traditional work structure. “We prioritise trust in the way our platform is used for secure and transparent transactions. We respect professionals and businesses from across all fields and encourage collaboration and tolerance to solve individual needs. We also value accountability in how the platform encourages all parties to take responsibility for their activities, said COO Suzzy Tettey. Key Features and Benefits An easy to navigate website The greatest advantage of the Kreek Africa site is usability. The platform is easily accessible on laptops as well as mobile phones. This means that the users will be able to access it anywhere, anytime. Safety is their priority Kreek Africa understands the need for privacy and security. Layers of verification protocols are in place to ensure that only the best talent is enabled on the platform. To ensure security and safety, the site has policies and procedures guiding and protecting freelancer interest. They also have […]

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