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New To Freelancing? 16 Tips For Landing Your First Client

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As companies begin to hire more contract workers over full-time employees, the “gig economy” is becoming a viable option for full-time employment. However, with more freelancers, it’s harder to stand out when there’s more competition for work. It can be especially difficult trying to land your first freelance gig. To help those who are new to the world of freelancing, we asked members of Forbes Coaches Council to share some advice for landing your first client. Their best responses are below. Members discuss strategies freelancers can adopt to land their first clients. 1. Know Yourself First Are you trying to accommodate everyone? Well, you will find yourself with no clients. Let your personality shine. Be honest about your times, family situation and deadlines. Some people look for a 9-to-5 person while others just need someone to meet deadlines and get other tasks done. Find who you are before to find who to work with. – Susan Ibitz , Human Behavior Lab 2. Build Referral Partnerships Build referral partnerships and alliances with businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers in other industries who already work with the kind of clients you are looking to land. Most freelancers focus on networking only with prospective clients. If you ally with partners who can introduce you and exchange client referrals mutually, then you will set yourself up to be a competitive freelancer. – Christie Samson Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. Do I qualify? 3. Start With What You Know Try one of the freelance platforms like Fiverr that offer introductory prices. Use the testimonials and feedback as a way into other more lucrative gigs. I got my first freelance job at an ad agency and I used that to open doors at cable TV networks. Think about other companies and industries that could use your talent and expertise. Start looking for the next gig while you’re working at the current one. – Susan Sadler , Sadler Communications LLC 4. Treat Them Like A Client Before They Sign Finding good people to work with can be tough. Those looking for freelance help want to minimize their chance of risk. Even if you don’t have much contracting experience yet, don’t display hesitation. Treat everyone that comes through your door as a guest, not a prospect. Show them you mean business by properly welcoming them, listening to them, being helpful and showing honest enthusiasm for the job. – Thom Pulliam , Unicorn Talent Club 5. Schedule Frequent Conversations Schedule your calendar with conversations to increase opportunities and uncover hidden resources. It’s not about what you can do for the client; it’s about listening, uncovering their pain points and offering solutions. Even if an initial conversation doesn’t lead to an immediate client, when you add value, people will remember. Nine times out of 10, they will seek you out down the road. – Erin Miller , Erin Miller Inc 6. Create An Ideal Customer Profile Approach your target audience with selection. You […]

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