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Freelancing Jobs that Will Pay the Most

There may be many different reasons you are ready to quit your day job. Maybe you are tired of office politics and drama. Perhaps you are sick of seeing undeserving people get promoted. It could be that you need a more flexible schedule so you can spend more time with your children or elderly parents.

Or maybe you know there’s a lot of money to be made by freelancing.

Let’s take a look at some of the most lucrative freelancing jobs according to several career websites.

1. Legal Expert

Sorry to disappoint you. Perhaps you were hoping that the top-rated most lucrative freelancing job would be “Professional Survey Taker.” The reality is that people with unique skills and experience usually make more money.

There are several online sites where individuals or small companies can seek the advice of an actual attorney, but many freelance lawyers find themselves working for other attorneys who need help keeping up with a highly-demanding job.

2. Programming and Software Developer

You knew this had to be somewhere on the list. Some websites claim that expert coders can make hundreds of dollars an hour.

Work on your skills, especially software and mobile app development. Learn the latest languages and start building a portfolio.  Like any other freelance enterprise, you may need to work for less than you hoped for at first, but you can grow your business and increase the amount you earn per hour over time

3. Translator

One would think that the need for a translating service would slowly die out, especially since we now have Google Translate, but apparently one can make a pretty decent living if their language skills are in high demand.

According to Translator Café’s website, the English to Malayalam is in the highest demand. So if you are from whatever country that speaks Malayalam, (Malaysia? Malayalamania?), you could earn some bank.

4. Digital Security Expert

Banks of all sizes are required to protect their customers’ data with online security. Unfortunately, small banks and financial institutions may not have the workforce or expertise to fulfill this promise to their customers on their own. That’s why those with complete knowledge of networks, computer viruses, and hacking techniques are in high demand.

5. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

The saying used to be, “If you build it, they will come.”

Now the saying is, “If you build it, and you land at the top of a Google search, they will come.”

A company’s webpage has to rank high on a Google search to get any traffic. SEO Specialists attempt to learn what makes a search engine “tick,” and then they use the knowledge to move your company’s website closer to page one.

Since most small-to-medium businesses don’t have the money or expertise to do this on their own, they are happy to hire this process out to someone with a proven track record.

6. Voice Acting

And your mom said majoring in a theatre was a waste of money.

Prove your mom wrong by building a thriving freelance career in the world of voice acting. Voice actors provide voice-over narration for corporate training videos, commercials, and animated characters. Visit to put your vocal cords to work.

7. Copy Writing

Let’s keep this one a secret. Between you and me, there is money to be made in copywriting. Look at all the content on all the websites you visit every day. Someone wrote that copy. Someone is writing this article.

Let’s not tell others that this job is available though. That will make our services more in demand. Shhhhh.

8.  Social Media Coordinator

Although this job is similar to SEO Specialist and Copy Writing, those who are in the social media biz know all the buzz-words and strategies to get the most “likes” and shares.

Social media interaction is more important in some industries more than others. Imagine yourself working hard late one Friday afternoon and seeing a photo of a strawberry basil hard lemonade come across your favorite restaurant’s Instagram page. How likely are you to leave your computer to enjoy a quick drink or two? Social media coordinators know what to post and at that moment to get the biggest reaction from customers.

Like most things in life, developing a freelancing career doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, many people don’t quit their day jobs until they have a large enough portfolio and a few clients to keep their income from taking a nose dive.

The good news is that others have gone before you and have tested the waters. That’s why we are here at Freelancing Buzz. Let us be your life support system as you enter this unknown world.

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