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Looking for a new 2021 side hustle? Here are some smart freelance options

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TLDR: These 10 course bundles can get you started on writing, coding, or selling your way to a lucrative 2021 side hustle. Chances are high that you’ve got a reservoir of talents that are mostly going untapped. We all have skills and abilities that we develop, then often set aside to gather dust as we pursue a new profession or new life path. But those talents are still there — and they could even start getting you paid. Once you shake off the rust, you’ve got the ability to pursue side hustles in job areas like freelance writing, programming, marketing, ecommerce and more. These 10 course bundles can help you refine those skills, then use them to start a small business based around you that can open up some whole new directions for you in 2021. Plus, you can enjoy some extra savings for a limited time by entering the code CHEERS when you checkout to earn an additional 20 percent off those packages. 1. Copywriting Copywriting is all about the subtle art of persuasion. With this collection of eight courses and more than 35 hours of training, you’ll learn how to launch digital marketing campaigns, craft copy that can grab attention and change minds, and use those skills to launch a copywriting business of your own. There’s even guidance in how to get your first clients on board. Get The Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle for $31.20 after promo code CHEERS (Reg. $1,177). 2. Graphic Design For creative pros, there’s no more powerful tool to ply the trade than the Adobe Creative Cloud. This eight-course, 60-plus-hour training collection introduces users to all the most popular Adobe CC apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and more. From image and video editing to graphic design to even social media posting, learn the real skills to do it all better. Get The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle for $27.20 after promo code CHEERS (Reg. $1,600). 3. SEO Few understand the steps for reaching the top of Google search results. With this nine-course training bundle, you’ll get inside how search engine optimization (SEO) works, how SEO, backlinking, Google advertising and more drive web awareness, and how to position yourself as an expert in the steps for driving more traffic to a website or digital content. Get The Ultimate Google Ads and SEO Certification Bundle for $40.00 after promo code CHEERS (Reg. $1,791). 4. Email Marketing Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools for developing new business. Across seven courses, learners discover how to write professional business emails that get results, how to build email customer lists, and how to create email strategies that can triple sales. The tools are all here to get any business on an email campaign toward higher 2021 profits. Get The Complete Email Marketing Bootcamp for $24.00 after promo code CHEERS (Reg. $1,393). 5. UI/UX If you’d like to focus your Adobe knowledge on how to use it for building better […]

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