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Airschool is introducing more and more learning opportunities every month. This February, strengthen your freelancing skills and more with four new quality courses available for flexible learning. Airschool has begun enrolment for four new courses this month, with plenty more on the way. Strengthen your professional and freelancing skills with in-demand courses now available for flexible learning. Freelancing is a vast industry, with an increasing number of Pakistanis embracing it for benefits offered like higher earning and flexible timings. Moreover, several freelancing platforms and the rise of the gig economy have started encouraging the use of specific skills. This allows people to learn them quickly at any given point of their careers, use them to identify specific gigs, and make more money in less time. About the courses All four courses target in-demand skills, whether in a workplace or the freelancing trade. They are created keeping in mind beginners, so prior knowledge is not required. Freelancing for Beginners course focuses on preparing beginners on how to start a freelance business online. From understanding which skills to employ to deciding business processes, pricing and gig creation, it is a comprehensive and detailed course guiding those with little or no experience to have an edge when it comes to selling their skill. The course is delivered in the Urdu language and is priced at PKR 1000. You can enroll for this course here. Become a Fiverr Pro course is based on the Fiverr freelancing platform, one of the most popular options out there for beginners. With low barriers to entry and plenty of buyers looking for skilled professionals, one needs to stand out from the crowd of competitive sellers with secret, tried and tested gig creation formulas, algorithm understanding, profile creation, boosting rankings and so much more. The course is taught in Urdu and available for PKR 990. You can enroll for this course here. Email Writing for Business course is aimed towards people who fail to write impactful emails for business. Email writing is an important skill for professionals, being an integral part of the business communications and development process. Poor email skills can lead to poor outcomes and negatively impact a business. Since most emails around the world are delivered in English, most of the course content is delivered in English. It is priced at PKR 825. You can enroll for this course here. Become a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) course is for individuals starting out in digital marketing and advertising. Paid search and PPC is one of the most sought after skills among digital marketers as paid search is a highly effective marketing tool with businesses allocating budget for it. The course covers keyword research, bidding methods, writing ad copy and descriptions, understanding metrics and more. The course is delivered in Urdu and priced at PKR 4950. You can enroll for this course here. About the instructors Course instructors for the above are all different, but come highly recommended in their fields. Holding positions in some of the best companies […]

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