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Launch your freelance business with these 10 utility apps

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News12 is partnering with StackCommerce to bring you the News12 Shop. This article doesn’t constitute editorial endorsement, and we earn a portion of all sales. If you run your own business, you know how important it is to have a captivating website, eye-catching ads, a solid customer base, and top-notch content. With your busy lifestyle, you can’t take care of everything all on your own. We’ve rounded up 10 essential tools to help get your freelance career or side gig a boost so you can pump out high-quality content and appear on the front page of search engines. 1. Never forget your login information Forgotten passwords will become a thing of the past when you have this lifetime subscription to Sticky Password. This app creates solid and secure passwords for any online account you have. This is especially great if you want to ensure all of your personal information and data are safely stored in your online store or commerce site. You’ll also be able to fill out forms quickly with the auto-fill feature. 2. Backup an extra copy to the cloud With Degoo Premium, you’ll be able to backup 2TB of data under secure 256-bit AES encryption. You can backup all of your devices and set them to backup automatically with the automatic file change detection feature. Another plus is you’ll be able to send files to others with a simple email or link. 3. Increase your email open rates Need to start sending out essential marketing emails or email blasts to a large group? will verify each email address in your outgoing list in real-time and gives you the status for each email (valid, invalid, unverifiable, disposable, and unknown) so you won’t get any emails bounced back. It verifies emails of all types, including small to large businesses and any major provider. Get the Bulk Email Verifier: Lifetime Subscription for $49 (Reg. $1049), a savings of 95% 4. Automate your social media channels Stay on top of all your social media channels with this convenient do-it-all social media manager. You can schedule posts to be uploaded all at once across all your channels and get optimum hashtags and emojis generated in a snap. This intuitive app also ensures your social accounts are protected from being accidentally considered a spam source by using smart detection technology. 5. Create a business website without the hard work Maintain your brand the easy way with Sellful. You can create an eye-catching website, keep track of your customers, create an appointment scheduler, and send 10,000 free emails a month, among other convenient features. It’s an excellent white label platform that helps you keep up with your business, customers, sales, and more in one place. 6. Increase your chances of ranking on Google Incorporating SEO is imperative if you want your website, blog post, article, etc. to be seen by others. GuinRank uses several tools to help your content reach the top of internet search results. With this toolkit, you can […]

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