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KP2R Network: A decentralized marketplace for developers

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The past decade has witnessed a revolution in traditional finance led by the utilization of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has shown greater use cases since the development of leading coin Bitcoin. It has been used in different sectors of world economics including, health, agriculture, supply management, finance and many more. However, one sector that is in need for blockchain application is the online marketplace industry. Freelancing has become popular with more skilled workers preferring the flexibility of freelance jobs than the restrictive nature of traditional office jobs. This has led to a unique industry where people work remotely and get paid for their services. Traditional freelance marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr and allow workers from across the world in a conducive environment. However, these platforms are not perfect and have major flaws. They typically charge workers high commission fees with Fiverr and Upwork charging up to 20% and also implement a waiting period before funds are received. Keep2r Network looks to change this by using blockchain technology to create a platform that ensures workers are able to connect with job opportunities. What is Keep2r Network? Keep2r Network is a decentralized platform that is inspired by Andre Cronje’s Keeper Network. Cronje is a famous crypto developer behind the successful YFI defi protocol and Keeper Network. Keep2r Network is a successful fork of the Keeper Network and implements the core features of a decentralized platform. It is a decentralized platform for projects that need external developers and for development teams to find jobs. This makes it essentially a job matching platform. A unique platform for developers Keep2r network ensures that developers that execute jobs are rewarded promptly and everything is performed on the blockchain. The major components of the Keep2r network are the Keeper. A Keeper is a term used to describe a person or team that executes a job available on the Keep2r network. These jobs can be as simple as making a transaction or complex off-chain programming jobs. What makes the Keep2r network unique is that it allows contracts to register as a job for keepers who then register to pick up available jobs. Also, each keeper can set up their own rules and infrastructure based on transactions they feel are profitable. Jobs in the platform are in the form of a smart contract that requires action from keepers. These contracts are designed to be performed properly and once registered can be acted upon by keepers. Fully decentralized Keep2r is fully decentralized and members are involved in the creation and execution of smart contracts (Jobs). All that is required for a worker is to register as a keeper. The process can be executed without KPR tokens and users can join with a bond. The process then begins a bonding period which takes 3 days after which you can activate as a keeper. Once this process is completed a timestamp is registered to the Keep2r blockchain network. Meanwhile, creating jobs is flexible and ensures an incentive mechanism for all parties […]

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