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Freelancers are like the hunter gatherers of graphic design. Yes, they’ve mastered the principles of design , and they know how to use the right programs. But unlike working in house or at an agency, freelance graphic designers are not permanently employed by one person and surrounded by others. Instead, they have to hunt down and then maintain a client base all on their own. Venturing into a job as a freelance graphic designer Working as a freelance graphic designer sure sounds dreamy: picking your work hours, choosing your clients, and working from home. Why aren’t we all freelancers? What is a freelance graphic designer? A freelance graphic designer is an independent graphic designer that does not work for one particular company. Instead, they can work on multiple projects for multiple clients simultaneously. Freelance graphic designers are responsible for writing their own contracts, establishing their rates, setting their work hours, and finding their clients. Being a freelance graphic designer isn’t just about being a graphic designer. As you start off on your own, you’re going to have to be a salesperson, a marketer, a bookkeeper, and so much more. It takes hard work, time management, and some serious networking. Here are some things to do as you’re beginning this new journey. Let’s get into a little more detail. Check your savings Your safest bet isn’t going to be diving head first into this. Don’t quit the job you have now unless you have a very hefty savings account. Keep in mind that, as a freelancer, you’ll be on your own when it comes to finding work. And there will be times where you won’t find work. While pursuing a new career is exciting, it’s important to consider realities like financial stability. This gig may be something to start part-time until you feel like you’re really on your feet. Make it official If you’re really serious about doing this, we need to talk business. I mean it. Do some research and learn about whether or not you need to register your business. It may be as easy as registering your business name with local governments and the state. In a full-time office job, employees are provided with computers, printers, and other necessary materials. Freelancers have to use their own equipment to get the job done. This is one of the many reasons that you should think about meeting with a tax accountant or studying up on tax laws for freelancers. There’s an abundance of things to consider when it comes to filing your taxes, and you’ll want to make sure you’re not missing anything. Small businesses should be able to keep track of their finances, even if a small business is just you. If you’re bouncing around between clients and projects, it’s important to be able to keep track of all of that, financially. Use folders, use tabs, use colors, or just keep really neat with some super-helpful small business accounting software. Have an existential crisis (and develop your brand) […]

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