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IMHO Reviews is ready to release their findings regarding the best freelance site for small businesses after using three different online platforms. IMHO Reviews hires more freelancers after the world has shifted towards remote work. Vitaliy the owner of IMHO reviews says, “Fiverr is one of the best low-cost freelance platforms, as the services offered begin at only $5. It offers a very extensive range of services, from singing telegrams to programming, and it is ideal for short projects or recurring small projects. The client fee is 5 percent, but if you purchase $20 of work or less, the fee is only $1. Fiverr consistently has some of the highest online reviews of any freelance website.” Vitaliy stated that different platforms offer different features and continued, “One feature that separates PeoplePerHour from the other freelance websites is that it is more location-specific, enabling clients to hire freelancers from their local area, which helps with targeted projects and could lead to long-term work relationships. PeoplePerHour is a bit smaller, with approximately 1.5 million freelancers on the website. Since the creation of the website, more than 1.1 million jobs have been posted on PeoplePerHour for freelancers in more than 89 countries, resulting in earnings of more than $100 million.” Companies can choose from skills in approximately 15 job categories that include IT, marketing, SEO, translation, social media, video, writing, administration, design, tutorials, and more. According to IMHO Reviews finding, features the widest range of freelancers from around the world, hosting more than 21 million professionals from more than 247 countries. The fee per project is 3 percent on this platform, which is fairly standard compared to other freelance websites. One of the unique features of Freelancer is that companies can post jobs in a contest format, which allows businesses to list the work they need completing and freelancers to submit their best efforts, with only the winning freelancer being paid. Vitaliy expressed the idea that many small businesses have a low budget and a service fee plays a significant role when it comes to choosing a platform. He explained fees to buyers. Fiverr charges buyers a processing fee of $1 for orders up to $20. For orders above $20, they charge buyers 5 percent of the total. Employers on a Freelancer can post projects for free, but buyers must pay a fee of either 3 percent or $3 on fixed-price jobs or 3 percent on every payment for hourly jobs once they accept a bid. Many PeplePerHour buyers mentioned on various review websites that they were charged fees of up to 10 percent on orders, but these fees are not officially stated on the PeoplePerHour website. IMHO reviews warn people of possible scam scenarios and advice to follow simple guidelines. Like any freelance website, there is the possibility of scams happening within these platforms. Unless one has worked with a freelancer for a while and they have proved to be reliable, it is wise not to share login information for […]

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