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IMHO Reviews Freelancing Websites For Mid Year Update

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IMHO Reviews, based in Aventura, Florida that provides professional advice and services to businesses and organizations., is performing a check for all freelancing services for their mid-year update. The company recently performed a check for all freelancing websites available on the market for their mid-year update. After reviewing the websites, IMHO Reviews chose five websites that could be helpful to businesses as well as the self-employed. In today’s economy, more and more people are seeking other avenues of income, and one of the most common options is doing freelance work. This work is purely up to the individual, based on their skill set, and can include services such as commissioned artwork, writing, editing, composing or producing music, tutoring and much more. Roughly 60% of the US working population have turned to freelancing as opposed to traditional 9 – 5 jobs. This number is predicted to increase as both companies and individuals alike are beginning to see the benefits of freelancing. Even for companies, it would be more cost and time efficient to hire freelancers to complete certain tasks (such as website development or advertising). In these situations, a freelancer would be hired only on a task basis as opposed to being a fulltime hire of the company. According to IMHO Reviews, the top 5 freelancing websites for the year 2021 are Fiverr, Upwork, People per Hour, and Guru. Fiverr is rated as the best freelance website at present. It is currently one of the most popular freelancing sites and is ideal for those focusing on quick jobs at an affordable rate. The name comes from the values given to tasks, which are all in denominations of five. This platform utilizes a gig basis to connect buyers and sellers. A freelancer who has signed up to Fiverr can update their profile and then start advertising their services under gigs, which are simply freelance tasks. All Fiverr gigs must have a base starting price of $5. The buyers will depend on if the freelancer’s service is attractive, buyers will then request and make a purchase, and the freelancer will complete the task or service bought. On Fiverr, freelancers will sell a variety of gigs that range from voiceovers to product design and website development. The second freelance website on the list is Upwork. The second ranked website is rather different when compared to Fiverr, as it utilizes a more professional outlook and is stricter in enforcing its policies. On Upwork, gigs cannot be sold, but users are required to provide information which clearly details what they do as a freelancer. The information is critical to defining the brand on this platform, which often means most freelancers will focus on one particular skill or service. This contributes to the popularity and size of the platform. Ranked at number three is PeoplePerHour This platform is relatively small when compared to Fiverr and Upwork, but still popular and large enough to be a significant player in the industry. The main goal of People […]

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