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How to Make Yourself Indispensable as a Freelancer

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The gold standard, for freelancers and their clients, should be to establish long-term, rewarding, mutually beneficial relationships. Here’s how to build those connections. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It’s no surprise that the gig economy is skyrocketing. More than one-third of the American workforce turned to freelancing during the pandemic, and not necessarily because they lost their full-time jobs—some workers are simply filling extra time by making extra money, or supplementing their incomes to bridge the gap between stagnant wages and a nationwide rising cost of living . Others are willingly turning to freelancing for flexible hours and less stress. The rise of the gig economy dispels the long-held idea that an army of full-time, salaried employees are essential to running a business . In fact, the opposite is true—slim core teams with a wide network of freelancers will likely be the standard business model of the future. This world has become possible because technology has democratized what companies can achieve with fewer resources. Affordable SaaS solutions have replaced major infrastructure investments; lightning-fast 5G and fiber internet speeds allows remote teams to work from anywhere. Elon Musk ’s Starlink project, for example, will connect users in remote areas around the world. All this underscores the shift toward individual talent without physical barriers. It’s a golden age for freelancing. Yet there is a significant trade-off that comes with the relatively lax work-from-anywhere lifestyle: job security. Having spent more than two decades as an entrepreneur in the creative industry, I’ve worked with dozens of high-profile clients and hundreds of freelancers. The gold standard, for freelancers and their clients, should be to establish long-term, rewarding, mutually beneficial relationships. For freelancers, steady work means reliable income and easier workflows; for clients, it means less stress, a knowledgeable resource and a motivated ally on your side. Transforming gigs from one-offs into recurring work is possible—but only if freelancers make themselves indispensable. Here are a few tips to help do that. Always be “on” While employees can clock in and out of a workday without always putting in 100%, freelancers don’t have that luxury. Freelancers must be their own marketing department, accountant, creative director and client manager—as a one-person business, the stakes are higher, because you don’t have anyone else to blame if business dries up. When you’re dependable and your work is good, this pays off. Clients will throw more work your way. You should take it on whenever possible. You want to be there whenever they need someone; when your calendar opens up, drum up new projects. You can’t afford to slow down, especially when building new relationships—and your clients will take notice. Understand your client Freelancers don’t just succeed by doing a job well—the best ones understand their clients’ industries and positions. Know your clients’ market trends and best practices. If you’re new to their field, spend hours researching it; once you’re done with the project, use it in your portfolio to pitch other companies in the same field, […]

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