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How to Make Your Freelancer Profile More Visible & Appealing to Big Clients on Upwork


It’s important for your freelancer profile on Upwork to appear in relevant search results so you’re able to match with the right jobs and the right clients—especially when you consider a majority of projects posted on Upwork are invitation-only . If those clients aren’t able to find your freelancer or agency profile because an incomplete portfolio is keeping you out of search results, those could be missed opportunities. Below are tips to optimize your profile with the relevant keywords, skills, and experience to help you get better visibility for the big projects and high-quality clients you want. Imagine what a client with your dream project would type into a search bar to find you. Always keep those keywords and phrases in mind as you fill out your profile. Optimize your profile with the keywords and skills related to the projects you want. Clients find your Upwork profile the same way they’d find your landing page or personal website: Through a search engine. With that in mind, zero in on keywords and skills related to the projects you want and services you offer. Staying consistent with the skills you choose to highlight will be important as you fill out or […]

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