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How To Make Your First $100,000 Online Drop Servicing by Dylan Sigley

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Today, I am going to show you how drop servicing works, and provide you with the blueprint you need to get started, and on your way to making your first $100,000 in revenue. I am going to explain how to choose a niche, how to present your offer to potential clients, build a team, market your service, and, finally, how to actually deliver results for your clients. Now, you might be thinking “Wow, Dylan Sigley, this sounds like a lot of work” right? I’m not going to lie, it is, but it is possible if you’re prepared to follow my tried and tested model. Firstly, for those of you not familiar as to what drop servicing is. Drop servicing is when you sell digital services to clients like website design , copywriting, social media marketing, and many other services – and then, once you get those clients or projects, you employ other freelancers to carry out the majority of the project’s work. And that’s what we teach in the Drop Servicing Blueprint by Dylan Sigley. Your job is focussed on signing up clients, and managing projects to make sure they are delivered to a high standard. Drop servicing is basically like how sub-contracting works in industries like construction. It’s not a new idea – it’s been around in various forms for hundreds of years. The only difference now is that it can be done online. How to get started in drop servicing by Dylan Sigley So, here’s how you get started. Step 1: Choose a niche You can drop service almost anything that there is a market for. You don’t need to be an expert about a particular service, but you do need to at least understand how it works. For example, if you choose to sell blog writing services, you should be able to, at the very least, know what high-quality content looks like, even if just from a reader’s perspective. For services like web development, you’ll probably need to know quite a lot about it to ensure that the work is completed to a high standard, so avoid the more technical services if you don’t understand them. I know of many entrepreneurs who have built a successful drop servicing business in categories like: Email copywriting Web design or development Social media advertising Blog writing Ad copywriting Video content Ideally, you want to choose a niche that is highly profitable, easy to understand, and easy to sell. The more simple your drop servicing business is, the easier you will be able to sell it to clients, find freelancers, and scale your business. You don’t need to stress about it too much if you pick the wrong niche in the beginning, you’ll be able to test out your service without having to spend huge sums of money. If your niche isn’t as in demand as you first thought or you have problems delivering the service, you can always pivot to a new niche in the future. Step 2: Take […]

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