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How to Make a Successful Career Change in the Post-Coronavirus World?

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By Daniela McVicker The COVID-19 pandemic has an enormous effect on the job market, forcing many people to leave offices and work from home. However, this is not the worst alternative. Many people were forced to resign due to massive business shut-downs and most of them lost their main source of income. According to the report by The Washington Post , over 100,000 businesses that define America’s economy, have closed forever. As a result, thousands of people lost their jobs and now have joined the 20-million army of unemployed Americans. However, not only those who lost their jobs will actively search for new employment opportunities when the pandemic ends. Many people don’t plan to return to their previous workplace after the quarantine at all and consider changing the field completely. For instance, as USA Today reports , 1 in 5 teachers are unlikely to return to reopened classrooms this fall. You can only imagine how busy the already competitive job market will become as soon as the pandemicll. You can only imagine how busy the already comp ends. So, what can you do to stand out from the competition and make a successful career change in the post-coronavirus world? Let’s take a look at the basic skills and competencies to focus on. Build Up Your Skills with Freelance Projects Before the world had to face the COVID-19 pandemic, the gig economy was developing very slowly. In 2018, the number of freelancers in the U.S. reached 57 million with only a 3.7% increase over the previous five years. Today, the situation has changed. The pandemic has forced people across the globe to use their skills in a different way and explore freelance projects. For many, this became an opportunity to earn money and stay afloat. As a result, many of those who started exploring the gig economy during the quarantine, now plan to explore this path further and remain independent contractors. However, if you still plan to find an in-office job after the pandemic, you can still benefit from freelancing to build up the skills you will need for your future job. Here’s how you can do it. Let’s say you would like to get a position as a content writer/manager. You can start by exploring job ads for this position on LinkedIn. When you find a position you might be interested in, go through the list of requirements and responsibilities: Using this list, you can evaluate the skills you already have, find weak spots, and start looking for freelance projects that could help you improve them. For instance, you might be interested in improving your writing skills by writing reviews of different online services, like Grabmyessay review here, or find a gig that offers you to run a blog on WordPress. Choose freelance gigs according to the field you plan to work in. It will help you stand out from the competition because you will already have all the competencies and experience that others might not have. Work on Your Tech Competencies When the coronavirus pandemic began, many […]

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