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How to increase your productivity as a remote developer

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The world has now new norms for traveling, working, and just about every daily activity ever since the pandemic broke out on a global scale. To keep up with the changed lifestyle, many industries and workplaces started adopting remote working norms and the necessary infrastructure support. Software development has definitely got an edge over the other industries regarding remote work. What is a trend now in other industries has been an industry-standard in software development for the last decade. Many companies have experience of remote working with freelance developers or with offshore development teams that are located in distant regions ( here you can learn more about offshore software development). While remote working is not entirely new to software developers, it still has not been acclimated to the level of sophistication that full-scale work-from-home and remote development environments demand. Hence, why both individual developers and team management should take some extra effort to make sure their productivity levels remain optimal. In this article, we try to summarize fundamental rules that will make remote work effective. Customize your environment The stark contrast between a work-from-home environment and an office lies in the smaller stuff like the office space, lighting, comfortable working chair, desks, and so on. While these things would all be taken care of by the office management onsite, WFH workers need to take care of all these by themselves. If you decided to build your career as a remote engineer, do invest in the following things to create a comfortable and ergonomic work setup as it is crucial for your well- being and productivity in the long term. A comfortable place for working: Get yourselves a comfortable working desk and chair with an ergonomic design. Make sure your work setup lets you maintain a proper posture. You can also incorporate adjustable or standing desks to help avoid back pain. As a developer, you spend a lot of time on the screen. So, make sure the monitor is positioned at the optimal height to aid in better view. Have good lighting in the room to avoid eye strain. Work from a quiet corner of the room to avoid distractions. Declutter your working space and make sure to maintain it as a private space. Good internet connection: Remote access operations like accessing remote applications, cloud resources, and remote desktops require higher bandwidth and continued connectivity. If your home Internet cannot meet such high traffic needs, upgrade to a better plan that ensures the required quality of service. Take care of cybersecurity measures The biggest challenges when it comes to remote working are security concerns. Developers need to access the most vulnerable and critical part of company resources, and there is always the threat of security compromises. Even though an organization may implement strong encrypted VPNs and security measures, each developer must take responsibility to make sure all security standards are followed. Developers must report any unauthorized app or device usage and make sure they keep their passwords safe. They should […]

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