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How to Get Your First Freelance Job after Graduation

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If you are a soon-to-be college graduate, you might be wondering whether you are going to find a job that is actually related to your degree. After all, getting an entry-level job in many industries appears to be near-impossible. Potential employers might expect you to have several years of experience under your belt, know four languages, and be familiar with all of the industry-specific software. Due to how frustrating and ridiculous it can be, many college graduates decide to try their hand at finding a freelance job. The vast majority start their careers by finding a digital freelance marketplace . Thanks to such platforms, kick-starting your own business has become much easier than it used to be! However, keep in mind that posting a job will probably not be enough to get people to buy your services. In fact, you should consider doing quite a few things that will boost your credibility before you start looking for your first client. But what are those things exactly? Take a look below to find out! Develop Your Personal Brand When it comes to the modern job market, building your personal brand should be one of your main priorities. Provided that you do it effectively, it will differentiate you from the competition and make your potential clients and employers more likely to trust you. But where should you start? First of all, you might want to go over your social media accounts. If any of the things that you have posted have the potential to make you look unprofessional or unreliable, it would be best if you deleted them. Secondly, look at your profile pictures. Do they look good? If not, consider taking new ones. Giving your brand a friendly face can go a long way. Next, you might want to create a LinkedIn profile . Doing so will enable you to share your interests, work experience, and educational background with your potential clients. Being so transparent will make you appear more trustworthy! Now, bear in mind that you can do much more in terms of personal branding. However, those three steps should be enough if you are new to the industry. Understand Your Chosen Industry If you want to be a successful freelancer, you need to have a good understanding of how your chosen industry works. Is it full of other freelancers that you will have to compete with for gigs? Are companies keen on hiring freelancers, or do they stick with employee roles? Is the average pay rate going to be enough for you? Answering those questions might require doing a lot of research, but it is guaranteed to pay off in the long run. Other than that, you might want to familiarize yourself with best practices, vocabulary, and software that are most commonly used by professionals who work in that industry. You can do so by completing online courses or reading industry-related articles and books from various sources. Thanks to that, you will get a clear and mostly unbiased […]

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