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How to Get Started on Fiverr

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Are you a creative person who likes to design websites but are committed to your 9-5 corporate job instead? Or, do you know more than one language, such as English and Spanish? Maybe you like to write content but never gave it a shot? Well, Fiverr allows you to earn money by advertising your skills and finding buyers for them. Let’s dive into how you can start using Fiverr to launch a career as a freelancer. How Do You Make Money on Fiverr? Fiverr allows you to make “gigs” and list them on their website. A gig is your advertisement that you create, explaining what you are offering in exchange for an amount of money. People who want your services will contact you and pay you the amount you ask for. For example, as I mentioned above, if your native language is English, you can list an advertisement (a gig) for “translation from Spanish to English” or vice versa.” It’s a great way to jumpstart your freelance career, or to simply earn extra cash on the side. How to Get Started on Fiverr Ready to get started? Here are the steps that you need to follow before you can start your freelance career on Fiverr and start earning money: 1. Sign Up to Fiverr You will need to create an account on Fiverr using any of the following ways: Continue with Facebook Continue with Google Continue with Apple Enter your E-mail ID and a new Password After that, you can begin setting up your profile. 2. Set Up Your Fiverr Profile Go to the top-right corner of your desktop/laptop screen and click on the circle. You will find your “profile” as the first option on the dropdown menu. You will see a few options on the left side once you open your profile. Fill in the details and update these sections. You will see the following sections: 3. Enter a Description of Yourself Write a short description of yourself. Your potential gig buyers will read this and decide whether you and they are the right fit for each other or not. Pro Tip: Write about your experience and skills here. Tell people why they should choose you to do the job that you have listed. 4. List Your Languages List the languages that you speak here. You can choose the level of proficiency that you possess in any language. Fiverr gives you the option to add up to four languages in this section. Pro Tip: List all the languages that you know. The proficiency levels help us to list the languages that we aren’t fluent in as well. Levels of proficiency: Basic Conversational Fluent Native/Bilingual 5. Link Your Other Accounts In this section, you can connect or link your other social media accounts. You should connect all your other accounts as this shows social proof and adds credibility to you as a seller. Fiverr gives you an option to connect the following accounts: Facebook Google Dribble Stack Overflow Github […]

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