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How to Get Hired for Online Writing Jobs

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How to Find Writing Jobs Online Find Writing Jobs Online During the pandemic situation, most of the people are looking for home-based income opportunities. Online writing profession could be a dream job for anyone who wants to stay home safe and earn good money with dignity. Nowadays, diverse local and international platforms are offering writing jobs online. But many writers couldn’t grab those jobs due to several issues, like lack of proper skill, choosing unsuitable job, inappropriate way of application, lack of professional profile, inadequate portfolio, etc. Read this article to know some tips to get hired for online writing jobs in local and international platforms. How to Get Hired for Writing Jobs Online Know Your Interest and Skill Not all writers have the same level of interest in different domains of writing. Some are proficient in business writing, some choose translating works, while some others prefer blogging, article writing or even ghost writing tasks. As a writer you have to ask yourself in which domain of writing you are good at. Interestingly, the online freelancing platforms are offering jobs for various branches of writings. So, you need to focus on your specific field of interest and level of skill without getting bothered about other categories of writings. Upgrade Your Skill When you exactly know your field of interest, you can move forward to level-up your proficiency in writing. For strengthening your grip on language, you need to read informative and rich articles, blog posts, and books. Learning new vocabularies will open your door to versatile usage of words. When you read the articles of popular websites or blogs, you get the opportunity to learn different style of writings. Choose Online Outsourcing Platforms Are you looking for jobs in local freelancing market or international sphere? In local freelancing platforms, the competition is comparatively low so does the scope of earning. As a newbie you can start with local platforms like Belancer ( ) or Outsource My Job ( ). However, if you are confident enough to fight for a job with the overseas writers, you can go for the international freelancing market places, like Upwork, Freelancer, People per Hour, Fiverr, etc. However, each platform has some pros and cons. Choose one or two depending upon your level of skill. For instance, Upwork ( ) is the biggest online outsourcing platform for freelancers worlwide. Here you can find a wide variety of writing jobs round the day. The payment system is fast and transparent. However, the account approval process is a bit crucial. And the competition is too high, as multiple freelance writers apply for the same job. For the novice writers, getting hired on Upwork can be a bit challenging. On the other hand, People Per Hour ( ), and Fiverr ( ) are also popular outsourcing platforms for Bangladeshi freelancers. Though the commission rate and number of available jobs are lower than Upwork, here you may find writing job opportunities under your chosen […]

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