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How to find online writing work during COVID-19 pandemic

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Freelance Writing Job During COVID-19 pandemic

Have you lost your job due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you are in good company. Many highly-skilled, hard-working Americans have found themselves signing up for unemployment for the first time in their lives as a result of the economic downturn caused by the corona virus.

While we are sorry that you find yourself in this situation, we would like to remind you that this, too, shall pass. The world has faced drought, disease, war, and natural disasters before now, and our ancestors re-evaluated, re-tooled, and recovered. We’re not saying that it is going to be easy, but we need to face this moment with a calm focus instead of hysterics. You’ve got this, America.

As for our part, we would like to help those newly unemployed to become a part of the gig economy. We, at Freelancing Buzz, have been a part of the gig economy for quite a while now. In fact, each of us views ourselves as a freelance teacher. We want to share what we have learned navigating the top freelancing sites, so we can help you earn some extra money to tide you over until normal life resumes.

Today, we would like to give you a list of what we think will be the best freelance writing jobs. You may already have the necessary writing skills to take on some of these projects, or you may need to do a bit of retraining. But if you have solid communication skills and the ability to learn quickly, you will find that there is work out there for you.

Resume Writer

Assist others who have recently lost their jobs in writing their resumes.

Even though many of the unemployed workers are highly skilled in their particular fields, they may need help describing those abilities on a resume or curriculum vitae.

Although you may utilize some of the best freelancing sites to find clients, you may have just as much success looking for clients on your local community’s social network pages. Everyone knows someone who has lost his or her job.

This is the perfect job for writers with additional human resource experiences. Those in HR know how to read a job listing and understand what keywords should be used on the resume to get noticed. You may also be able to help individuals if you have expertise in a particular industry, either from your experience of based on the experience of a family member.

Of course, some technology skills are a must too. Make sure you understand how resume-scanning software reads text so you can properly format your client’s resumes.

Resume writing is a great freelance work from home job that allows you to make money while helping those in your actual and online community find employment.

Freelance Profile Writer

There are plenty of other people out there who are turning to the freelancing marketplace to find employment right now. They, like you, are turning to Upwork, Fiverr, and other freelancing websites, and they realize that one of the first steps they have to complete is to create a profile.

This profile is a written description of your educational background, job history, and skills. Unlike a resume, those writing a freelance profile must be able to describe in several paragraphs why they would be the perfect candidate for the job.

As a writer, you can face this task head-on after looking at a few examples and listening to instructional videos. Others may not be so lucky, as many find they don’t have the communication skills to describe their technical or creative skills.

This is where you can help. Become a profile writer and help others enter the gig economy.

E-Commerce Product Description Writer

In an attempt to stay in business, many retailers are leaning more on their e-commerce websites. This means many business leaders are analyzing their product descriptions, making sure they include the appropriate keywords and phrases that will enable their product to be found through a Google search.

If you have experience writing product descriptions, especially if you are particularly knowledgable about a particular industry, you may be able to help small business owners while at the same time earning money for yourself.

Entering the freelancing world may not be easy. In fact, it may take time to get your profile completed. It may also take time before you land your first job, and you may find yourself working for less than you imagined until you get more freelancing experience. Regardless, don’t get discouraged. You’ve got this!

This article was originally posted at Freelancing Buzz.


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