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How to become a freelancer

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Being a freelancer is often idealised as ‘being your own boss’. And while there are many perks to the freelancer lifestyle, such as flexible schedules and being able to work from trendy cafes (or from home in your pyjamas), freelancing is definitely not a walk in the park. Challenges can include finding a reliable client base, building up your reputation, and dealing with an ever-fluctuating income. It can be a massive adjustment, especially for someone who has worked a ‘regular’ job for many years. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of freelancers and remote workers that we see in the UK, and this way of working is becoming far more popular and attainable for the average person. Before you hand in your resignation and decide to become a freelancer, ensure that you educate yourself about all of the possible challenges and regulations surrounding freelance work to ensure that this decision is a good fit for you. Can anyone be a freelancer? The great thing about freelancing is that most of the time, the work is done remotely, so you can work from any time and from anywhere and offer your services to international clients. Technically speaking, anyone can become a freelancer as there are no prerequisites for becoming a freelancer. All you need is the equipment and tools required to offer your services effectively. That being said, freelancing is not particularly suited to every profession or individual situation, and certain people may face many struggles along their freelancer journey. If you need a steady monthly income every month to pay certain bills, freelancing may not be the best option for you, as it can take a while to build a client base. And even when you have a steady stream of clients, you can never rely on an exact figure. What you could do is freelance on the side while still keeping your regular job and only hand in your resignation once you have built up a loyal list of customers. There are many people that work as both employees and freelancers for numerous different reasons, and having freelancing as your side-hustle may suit you better than freelancing on a full-time basis. If you really want to be a freelancer, there are many ways that you can make this a reality. How do I start freelancing? Are you ready and excited to start your freelancing journey? Starting freelancing can be explained in six easy steps. Decide what type of services you want to offer What skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience do you have behind you? Thinking about this should help you decide what type of freelance services you could successfully offer. If you are just coming out of high school, you could look at doing a short online course that will help equip you with some basic skills to assist you with starting freelancing. Popular freelance services include digital services such as copywriting, graphic design and web development, as well as teaching classes and skills online. Get creative […]

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