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How to Balance Freelance Work With Your Full-Time Job

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Working on freelancing gigs while having a full-time job can often be overwhelming. If you fail to manage your time efficiently, your work-life balance will drastically suffer. Despite the challenge of balancing both jobs, you can achieve this with the right set of plans. Use these tips to help you balance your full-time job and freelancing work. 1. Avoid Working on Overlapping Hours You’ll be making a mistake if you choose to work on your permanent job and freelancing tasks on overlapping hours. Setting a boundary between the two worlds is always the key to balancing. You’re committed to the employer of your permanent job to perform your best. Doing some freelancing work during office hours will result in lower quality work on both sides. Instead, you may utilize the lunch and other breaks in the office to unwind and refresh. It will give you the energy to work on freelance projects. 2. Don’t Overlook the Full-Time Work As passionate as you are about your freelance work, remember to keep your employment commitment. Your office duties include turning in work on time, finishing tasks before deadlines, contributing ideas in meetings, and working with enthusiasm. Make sure you get proper rest at night and come to work in an energetic mood. Don’t talk about your freelance projects with your office colleagues during breaks and office time. 3. Use Different Set of Tools and Devices One of the best ways to keep the worlds apart is to use a different set of applications and devices for your full-time job and freelancing job. You’ll need separate tools or apps for project management, time management, work schedule, virtual meeting, and real-time communication. If attainable, use different devices for freelance work and full-time jobs. Using the office laptop for freelancing is not recommended at all. If you can’t afford to use a separate device for freelance work, use different browsers, browser profiles, and user accounts on the same computer. 4. Say No Whenever Necessary Some freelance projects may simply not work out due to reasons like time constraints, advanced design skills, high-end devices, etc. Don’t take a freelance project just because you got it. Never hesitate to say no if you know the gig is not going to work. It’s okay to say no even to the perfect freelance project if you can’t fit it into your schedule. You may pass it on to some other freelancer you know. So, you can retain a good relationship with the client and fellow freelancers. 5. Try Freelancing With Partners Working as a freelancer means doing all the administrative and accounting tasks by yourself. It can even leave you with little time to work on the actual project. However, you can easily split these responsibilities by partnering with a qualified freelancer. Choose someone trustworthy to work with you on freelancing projects and share the administrative tasks. You two can have different fortes and still work together as a team. If you two can work at opposite times […]

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