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How To Assemble A Freelance Marketing Team


Getting Started Getting your business or product ready for launch can be an exciting prospect, but it also requires a lot of consideration and planning. Namely, assembling a marketing team. As the gig economy flourishes, more and more businesses are leaning towards flexible talent rather than in-house talent. In 2020, an Intuit report discovered that 80% of large corporations intend to substantially increase their use of a flexible workforce. And it is a trend that is here to stay. Find out how to turn this trend to your advantage by creating a freelance marketing team that will take your business launch to the stratosphere. And if your business nature is similar to one of these online businesses that are proven to work , it’ll indeed be a match made in heaven. Why Hire A Freelance Team? As flexible work models become increasingly prevalent due to increasing connectivity, the rise of startup culture and the digitization of workflow processes, many brands and small businesses are beginning to embrace the benefits of hiring a freelance team . And not to mention the trend of the modern employee–millennials opting for more work flexibility in choosing remote or part-time work, reinforcing the premise of the gig economy. These are a few reasons why hiring a freelance team will benefit your business. 1. Accommodating An Evolving Digital Landscape As digital platforms are constantly evolving and increasing by the number, the onus is on every business to stay ahead of the curve, and this is where the marketing function comes into play. It is responsible for creating brand awareness , positioning your brand firmly in the minds of your customers, and, most importantly, differentiating your brand from a sea of competing brands. Hiring flexible talent will allow you to instantly fulfill any specialized needs by bringing onboard a wider variety of skill sets and edge ahead of the competition. 2. Cost Savings A Business Standard analysis of 67 BSE 100 companies discovered that employee costs in FY19 as a percentage of net sales fell from 10.17% to 9.39% in FY17. Evidence that a balanced mix of freelancers across different areas can allow businesses to optimize costs and increase the return on investment. And there is no doubt that it saves more time to hire a freelance team than a full-time team due to the lower levels of administration work required. 3. Hire Talent Regardless of Location Many experienced marketing professionals worldwide choose to freelance, using their years of experience to earn some side income and do more varied work as full-time work can become monotonous. Some may turn to platforms that offer freelance services; others may go solo and promote their website instead. Nevertheless, the presence of social media plus the abundance of many freelance platforms gives businesses direct access to a pool of talented individuals across different parts of the world. 4. Free Up Valuable Time As many small businesses initially begin with lean teams, business owners often find themselves in the position of […]

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