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How Secure Is Freelancing In The Digital Era?

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how secure is freelancing in the digital era nomad Many people leave their paid vacations on the table in today’s day and age out of the fear of losing their job. Although all are entitled to a PTO (paid time off), corporate jobs that depend on other people in higher positions are always a matter of stability. This is where freelance work comes into the picture. Skilled people who are brave enough to dip their toes into the competitive world of freelancing depend on themselves and their hard work to make it happen. Nothing is standing in their way, and they do not spend their lives being just another cog in the wheel. Although many individuals might not realize it, freelancing comes with more job security than traditional jobs. The idea of full-time freelancing might seem foreign to some, but the truth is that finding the appropriate free freelance & consulting contract templates on HoneyBook is the first step to total job security. Let’s see how freelancing compares to traditional work and what you can expect from it. How Does Freelancing Compare To Traditional Work One of the most common questions regarding freelance work is that of salary. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a clear answer regarding that question as not all freelance work is the same. It mostly depends on your line of work, client base, service rates, ability to expand, and more. However, if we compare freelancing to traditional work we’re all familiar with, you can look at it as a job with no ceilings when it comes to earnings. What does that mean? In most traditional jobs, you would need to wait for an annual review to discuss a possible raise, while that’s not the case with freelance work. Similarly, if you feel like your earnings are not where you want them to be, you can expand your client base and earn more. Yet, nothing is as easy as it seems. As a freelancer, you can earn more money, but that path is characterized by how much you’re willing to invest, learn, try, and work. Balancing Work The Right Way When talking about traditional work, in most cases, you cannot affect the number of clients your company handles. Job security at any company depends on other people, especially those ranking higher than you. However, with freelance work, you choose the number of clients you want to work with. Whether you work with five or 30 clients, it is solely your decision. The most important thing is having clients to fall back on if one pulls out or doesn’t require your services anymore. As a freelancer, you’ll always have the chance to find more clients that will provide you with a steady workflow. Where you find balance is with short-term and long-term projects. While short-term clients offer more flexibility, long-term projects can help give you an idea of what your revenue would be like for a specific time frame. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s […]

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