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How Do I Sign Up & Get Started on Upwork?

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Signing up for Upwork is easy, whether you’re a freelancer or a business looking to engage freelancers. For businesses, how you get started will depend on the plan you choose. Upwork offers four choices to access top-quality freelancers on Upwork, depending on your business needs. This article addresses hiring freelancers and agencies on Upwork. Which Do I Need: Basic, Plus, Business or Enterprise? Most businesses start with the Upwork Basic free plan . For a higher level of support, businesses can opt for Upwork Plus . For access to more of Upwork’s technology and services, many larger companies choose Upwork Business for a flexible talent solution that scales with them, or the more robust Upwork Enterprise plan, which can be customized to their company’s needs. Let’s look at the steps to get up and running for each plan . Step 1: Sign Up Once you’re signed up, take a few minutes to fill out your info: Company name Tagline A description that says who you are and what you’re about Your website URL (but leave off email addresses, phone numbers, or chat IDs) Your company logo Business and Enterprise Plans: To sign up for Upwork Business, fill out this contact form , and for Upwork Enterprise, visit this site to request a demo and a representative will contact you to get started. Once your company’s account is launched, you’ll receive a link to access your account. Step 2: Set up your billing method Next, add and verify your preferred billing method . This is important—you can’t make your first hire without setting this up. You have the option to pay by To do this, just go to your Account menu, Settings, then “Billing Methods.” You may want to add more than one method in case a transaction doesn’t go through or a card expires. If you’re outside the U.S., you have the option to pay in your local currency . Invoicing and Billing with Upwork Business and Upwork Enterprise: If your company requires consolidated invoicing and billing services, you can purchase the Business or Enterprise plan. Note: Virtual card numbers, gift cards, and Prepaid cards are not accepted. Step 3: Get ready to post your first job There are a few helpful things you can do before you post your job to help you and your freelancer hit the ground running. Write a detailed brief for your project. This will help you craft the best job post possible. Visit your My Jobs Dashboard to find job post templates or check out examples of what other companies have posted. Determine how you prefer to pay the freelancer. Do you prefer for the project to be hourly or fixed-price? Let colleagues and other teams know you’re hiring freelance talent. If there’s anyone on the team the freelancer will be working with, be sure to arrange introductions. Enterprise: Companies choose the Enterprise plan because they need a solution configured to fit their internal requirements. Once that’s done, any company employee can activate […]

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