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Hiring freelance UI/UX designers VS. UX agencies

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Whether it is a startup , a young business, or a mid-size company, you have considered a branding or a rebranding initiative. Company heads have some options to consider getting a task like this accomplished. One of the primary decisions involved is whether a company should opt to hire a UX design company or a freelance UX designer to take on the task. A freelance designer would command a lot less of an asking price for potentially the level of work quality, but how does one person rival a team’s worth of experience? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of hiring freelance UI/UX designers and outsourcing the work to a UX agency. Trust Pro: Agency Outsourced design projects are at the core of what a UI/UX design agency does, so they already have a prebuilt level of professionalism involved in how they operate. These agencies have loads of prior experience between all their staff members, and typically have past design projects and cases that you can study and review before considering an agency’s services. Whether the work examples are to your liking or not, you will have the ability to evaluate their skills, style, and professionalism based on these past project instances. If you are happy with the quality of the agency’s work, it can result in a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial for you and the design company you choose. If you have more UX services in the future, you will have a partner company ready to help you out, while having the peace of mind that they will do a great job. UX design agencies already have a built-in process for accomplishing projects and meeting deadlines, so unlike working with a freelancer you can be confident that your project will be completed on time. Con: Freelancer Engaging with a freelancer in a complex realm like UX design can be tricky. When you engage a freelancer, you do not have too many relevant measures by which you can judge the quality or efficacy of their work. Similarly, the freelancer could be apprehensive about taking on a complex project since they do not know you either and it would be detrimental to the time they spent on a project when they don’t know if they will get compensated or not. It is also possible that after getting hired to work for you, your freelancer receives a superior offer from another client that pays significantly more and shifts their focus to that work, never finishing your project. Similarly, after hiring one freelancer, you might be able to find one who can do the same work for you but has a much lower asking price for the project. A freelancer might be skilled, but they likely are not equipped with the same level of experience or know-how in the realm of contemporary design practices, so they are less likely to provide you with the quality of a product that a UX design agency with lots […]

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