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From Freelancer to Affiliate Marketer Extraordinaire: Aman Saha’s Secrets to Success

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— Affiliate marketing is now a $12 billion industry. This indicates how rapidly the industry is growing, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Aman Saha , who started his career as a website developer, is now one of the stalwarts of affiliate marketing. He is also one of the youngest online marketing specialists who made his way to the top of the affiliate marketing industry with sheer hard work, relentless dedication, and excellent marketing skills. Most people who want to pursue affiliate marketing as a career fear failures. According to Aman, that’s normal in any industry. You need to grow as a professional by learning from your mistakes. It’s not possible to become an affiliate marketing tycoon overnight. In fact, you may not even reach your target after a couple of months. But that shouldn’t stop you from believing that you can make it big in this industry. When he first started out, Aman worked as a freelancer at Fiverr where he designed websites for clients. But the money wasn’t enough. He had the hunger to earn more and that’s when he came across affiliate marketing. The concept of earning a handsome commission by selling products of other people intrigued him. He wanted to use his digital marketing expertise in this industry to see whether it would help him earn more. And it didn’t take long for Aman to realize that this was the opportunity he had been waiting for. His earnings increased significantly and he soon became a popular name in the affiliate marketing industry . When asked about his route to success, Aman shared three secrets that can help any affiliate marketer accomplish his goals. 1. Broadening the market The biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t place any limits on your earning potential. Aman believes that you should make the most of this by broadening your market. The more you promote your product, the more people you influence to buy it. Another reason why it’s comparatively easier to succeed in affiliate marketing is you don’t have to pay anyone any salary. This means you keep the entire commission in your pocket. The people who work for you also earn commission the same way you do. They also have an equal opportunity to become as successful as you are. The more people you have in your team, the more chances you create to earn a commission, and that’s how you grow in this industry. 2. Cost-effective marketing techniques Aman utilized his experience in digital marketing to get a head-start in affiliate marketing. From promoting on social media to sending out email campaigns, he didn’t leave any stone unturned to make his audience aware of the affiliate product he was selling. He advises new affiliate marketers to do the same. According to Aman, the more marketing channels you use, the more doors you open for people to check out your products. 3. Tracking your growth Once you make a breakthrough, you should […]

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