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Freelancers looking to break into Tech Industry can try these techniques

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Adopting the right strategy early on can lead to big returns to your freelance career down the line. For many, freelancing is the ideal setup; you get to choose your own hours, clients, and projects — often while making more money than you would in a traditional job. Freelancing is also undergoing something of a Renaissance, with freelance jobs becoming more and more common all the time. Surely that means that breaking into the tech industry as a freelancer is easier than ever, right? Not so fast. The tech world is full of freelance opportunities, sure, but many of those will be taken by freelancers with years of experience and plenty of high-level contacts. Just getting your foot in the door of tech can be difficult, much less establishing a steady flow of freelance gigs. Just because it’s tough, though, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Adopting the right strategy early on can lead to big returns to your freelance career down the line. Here’s what you need to know: Check job postings You probably rolled your eyes at this one, and for good reason. Everyone who wants to be a freelancer is constantly searching through job postings — it’s part of the craft. Maybe so, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind as you search. First, remember that not all freelancer jobs are posted in the same place under the same headings. Do a deep dive into which sites and job boards are the most active and best reflect your specialities; it’s not much use for a UX designer to spend all day checking out opportunities for freelance project managers. Moreover, keep in mind that the vast majority of freelance work that companies are willing to contract out goes to freelancers they already know and trust. When searching for gigs, look for ones that seem to indicate the possibility of a lasting relationship. There’s nothing wrong with taking one-off jobs, but finding the right ones could be the start of long-term opportunities that turn wannabe freelancers into veterans. Leverage your network Whether you’re just getting into tech for the first time or going solo after working in the industry for years, your network can help your transition. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your former employers or friends of friends will be able to offer you jobs sight unseen. What it does mean is that your ability to generate opportunities depends largely on who knows about you and what you’re offering — two things your network can help you with. If everyone you know knows that you’re a freelancer looking for gigs, the odds that someone will recommend you as a potential contractor grow significantly. If you stay silent about your desire to be a freelancer, so will everyone else. Just by getting the word about yourself out there, you’re using your network to grow your newfound career. Make new connections Even the most seasoned tech veterans may find that their network still can’t quite get them […]

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