Freelance Programmer on the Road: Tips for Traveling and Working From China

Freelance Tips for Traveling and Working From China

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The freedom of making your own decisions about where and when to work is definitely one of the main perks of freelancing as a programmer . Best of all, this freedom enables you to travel and discover the wonders of the world while working to fund your adventures. And coming to China should be on the “must-do” list for any traveling freelancer. This country is incredible, and immersing yourself into the Chinese culture can inspire your creativity and teach you a lot of new things. And the experiences you’ll gain here are sure to be unique and memorable. However, not all those experiences will be good. Inevitably, you’ll feel frustration and anger when dealing with China’s many internet restrictions and slow connection speeds . But sometimes, the obstacle is the way ! This is where preparation matters. Being equipped with the right tools will make your trip more enjoyable and give you a chance to actually do some work while you are exploring China. In this post, I’ll offer you concrete tips for traveling to China while working as a freelance programmer. VPN and Apple Tech to Boost Productivity and Avoid Restrictions To all the owners of Apple tech, the first and, arguably, most important thing you’ll need to do as a developer traveling through China is find an Apple-compatible way around the “Great Firewall.” Of course, this means you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN) for Mac. You literally cannot do anything even remotely efficient as a programmer in China without using it. Therefore, if you want to work while here, post to Facebook and Twitter, or even access Google, you have to get a VPN and resign yourself to everything that using it implies. As you should already know, this means that your internet connection speed will drop somewhat. Considering that as a traveler using Wi-Fi in China, you’ll be subjected to a slow speed by default, performing some tasks with a VPN can be downright painful. You’ll need to use a device-compatible VPN even if you aren’t using a MacBook for work. However, in such a case, working in China will be even worse. As a consequence of multiple blocks and restrictions, your productivity as a programmer will drop greatly by default. Therefore, you’ll need to use the most efficient tech to stay on top of your game. While many Apple resources are blocked, just like everything else in China, due to the popularity of the brand, you get somewhat more leeway with the help of the local Apple services. It’s not a perfect solution, however, especially if you are going to do any app development whilst there. VPN can interfere with the testing, and it can slow down uploads/downloads that aren’t fast to begin with. Without this solution, though, you will struggle to do much online in China. The only services and sources that will be open to you are the local ones. This means they will only be able to provide limited information to […]

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