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FlogApp: A new success story in the UAE

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For those who may not be familiar with FlogApp, it is an application and web portal designed specifically to contribute for both sides of the freelance market only in the UAE. Freelancing has taken on a new appeal, not only saving on administrative/organizational costs (like desk and office space), this freelance model with all it offers of flexibility and diversity is proving to be the new career choice for highly skilled professionals and those looking to utilise their skills equally. This application enables freelancers to create and maintain their career ambitions by developing long-term working partnerships, and in the last ten months, FlogApp has successfully led 11,000+ freelancers and 3,500+ clients to use the application to complete their pending assignments and projects. FlogApp has recently introduced new features on their website that allows freelancers and employers to access everything from the application via the website such as creating an account, applying for jobs or pending task, and negotiating with a freelancers and many more accessibilities. As the arketing Consultant of FlogApp said that “With loyal clients and freelancers, a smart, easy-to-use application and an orchestrated marketing plan, we not only launched our website but in a short period of time, we managed to be in the TOP 10 mobile application in the UAE under our category on Google Store. Our marketing team are not satisfied yet! They are planning for more achievements to come & our main goal to keep increasing our user’s satisfaction “ FlogApp is a social impact platform that supports clients and freelancers of UAE community in this market. The hardworking staff behind the application have ensured that this platform can be trustworthy for clients and freelancers by providing a convenient way to post a job and having the right freelancer manage it, as well as ensuring that the freelancer gets paid for their work. The interesting additional to this app is that it is completely free of charge for all users unless they choose to access one of the membership plans that FlogApp offers, whether it is the Gold Plan or the Platinum Plan. Professionals in the UAE want a more flexible lifestyle with more independence and new business opportunities. We see not only doing something revolutionary for freelancers, but also a new standard for how people can work and continue to work in the future. The application is continuously adapting to the frequent developments in this fast-moving industry, so expect plenty of interesting new updates to satisfy market demand. “Perfect application that fits all ages. Multiple categories to satisfy everyone’s needs. Very user friendly platform. I have been trying to find the right person trainer for myself through websites/social media but was difficult and not what I needed. FlogApp found me a trainer with my requirements. Amazing service, quick & easy! Thanks for such great support!” – Rose Al Sheikh Happy clients strive us to do better!

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