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Fiverr Launches Subscriptions

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One of the challenges of being a freelancer is getting a steady stream of revenue. Fiverr Subscriptions looks to solve this challenge by allowing customers to subscribe to a service with a freelancer. Not only does Fiverr Subscriptions gives the freelancer a steady income, but it allows the business to build a long-term relationship. As more businesses use freelancers, building relationships become that much more important. Using a freelancer that knows your company, products, services, and processes repeatedly has more value. Subscriptions provides a platform to go beyond the per-project basis agreements and start building this relationship. Fiverr Subscriptions Currently, Subscriptions is available for services that have the potential to be more than just one-off projects. The services are SEO, Virtual Assistant, Voice Over Services, Video Editing, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Architecture and Interior Design, and Mixing and Mastering. It will be available to other categories over time. As you can see, these are services that require (or have a high potential for) many collaborations and iterations with ongoing projects. By making Subscriptions available for these specific categories freelancers and businesses can come together to build a mutually beneficial partnership. This is how Fiverr Subscription works: Select the gig you need and keep it going by subscribing for three or six months at a time. Choose to update your gig’s requirements each month or leave them as is. Pay monthly for your ongoing service. It is as simple as that. Only Gigs with packages over $10 and a maximum of 30 days delivery qualify for Subscriptions. However, Voice Over Gigs which may start their word count at $5 are exempt. The Growth of Remote Work In the press release for Fiverr Subscriptions, the CEO of the company Micha Kaufman highlighted the growth of freelance work. Although the COVID-19 pandemic increased the growth of remote work , the trajectory was on the upside long before. But the pandemic is responsible for pushing more businesses to tap into the benefits of remote/freelance workers. Kaufman said , “Managers have become comfortable managing remote talent and businesses have realized that by working with freelancers, they are able to increase their agility and flexibility, which allows them to scale quickly.” Image: Fiverr

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