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Five Truths About The Future of Freelance Work

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The Future of Freelance Work, What You Should Know

We all know that businesses are hiring freelancers at an amazing rate. We also know that freelancers enjoy many benefits from working from any location at any time of day. All of this is old news.

Companies of every size and type hire freelancers. In fact, one study says that 40% of companies hire freelancers mainly because the work can be scaled to meet the business’ needs. Why should a company hire a full-time employee to write website content? Especially when managers may struggle to figure out how that particular employee should fill the rest of his or her day?

As someone interested in freelancing, you know how gratifying it is to work from home or on the beach or in the carpool line. You also like being able to make more money if you put in more time. In other jobs, working hard earns a pat on a back not an increase in pay.

We all know how freelancing benefits everyone involved. What is the future of freelancing? Is it a trend that will play out over time, or is it here to stay?

Here are five truths about the future of the freelancing world.

1. Companies will need more skilled freelancers.

Surveys of hiring managers for companies say they are having a hard time filling technology, marketing, and legal positions within their companies. This is why many of these companies have turned to platforms such as Upwork to help fill in the expertise gaps that plague certain areas of the country.

One only has to look at the fastest growing need skills on Upwork to see that companies are looking for technical experts who are freelancers. Companies are seeking people knowledgeable in Hadoop, Dropbox API, Genetic Algorithms, Microbiology, and Computational Linguistics.

Other studies say that companies will be seeking people knowledgeable in Blockchain, Tensorflow, Voice Over Work, and Content Strategy.

If you are a freelancer, you need to be self-driven enough to learn new skills to make yourself marketable. Successful freelancers will be able to analyze the freelance marketplace to see what skills they need to develop to meet the growing needs of employers.

2. Companies will hire freelancers from traditionally service-oriented professions.

Even professions that previously were excluded from freelance opportunities are hopping on the bandwagon. Some platforms connect freelance doctors and nurses to fill unmet needs in communities across the country. Doctors and nurses can also meet virtually with patients in remote areas.

Teachers can work at virtual schools or teach English as a second language to children and adults across the world (if they aren’t opposed to working VERY early hours.)

Musicians can provide back-up vocals for recordings or bass guitar rhythms from the comfort of their own studios.

There are also freelance project managers who are finding work in some industries.

Freelancers used to be those lonely looking people sitting in the corner of coffee shops. Now, freelancers can come from any industry and work in every type of job.

3. Freelance platforms may become more competitive.

Currently, freelancers are at the mercy of the freelance website they subscribe to. Look for freelance sites to become more specialized instead of a one-stop shop. One would hope that the rates the freelance websites collect from both ends of the transaction will become more competitive over time as well.

4. Companies may need freelance management systems.

It is already happening. There are management systems available (Kalo and Cool Company) that offer companies a way to keep track of freelance work and the workers.

Ironically, companies sometimes need to hire full-time employees to manage freelance business. Or would they hire a freelancer to manage the freelancers? That makes my head hurt thinking about it.

5. Freelancers will be able to find support, advice, and assistance.

Maybe you are thinking about quitting your 9-5 gig and entering the freelancing world. Perhaps you are tired of driving through rush hour traffic to make sure you get enough face time with the bosses, so you don’t get stuck with all the lousy projects.

Maybe you are tired of maneuvering through office politics and gossip. You are tired of backstabbing coworkers and watching undeserving people get promoted.

Perhaps you love your work, and you are good at it. You daydream about being able to sit in an office to complete your job without any emails or interactions with other people.

Maybe you aren’t compensated for being as skilled as you are.

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