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Discover How Freelancing For Extra Savings Is Prudent

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Looking for extra earnings but less pressure? One word, freelance! The job market is always rising and falling. In a day, some people are hired, some fired, and some are still on the job hunt. That’s just the harsh reality of the working life. Don’t you agree? In fact, the income we have is mostly enough to make ends meet and occasionally to spend on the greater expense of living comfortably (unless you’re earning big bucks of course). If you are a busy mom, a student in college or even a clerk at an office, freelancing is still a great opportunity for you. Of course, it’s not only restricted to these groups of people. Anyone, literally anyone can freelance! Many people tend to ignore or overlook the idea of freelancing because it is often mis – conceptualized. What is freelancing anyway? It’s clearly not an internship and it’s definitely not doing jobs for free either. Calling it part-time? Well, it doesn’t seem to be accurate. According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary , freelance simply means ​’earning money by selling your work or services to several different organizations rather than being employed by one particular organization’. In other words, you’re sort of like your own boss. ‘Now, that’s what we want to hear!’, some of you may say. Does it mean if you have a current job you should leave it and venture into freelancing full time? Whoa, whoa…hold your horses! We don’t want to simply do something only to regret it…and we mean regret it BIG TIME. In case you missed the title, it’s freelancing for EXTRA SAVINGS and not ‘ your only savings’ . During an instability in the country’s economic state, it is wise that we think it through before we quit our full-time job and only wiser to consider an extra side income. So, freelancing becomes the better option and here’s why. 1. The Best Of Both World Firstly, this point will be directed to most work-at-home moms, and they would agree that freelancing has given them best of both worlds. They get to do what they love and get paid for it and taking care of their growing families. On another note, they also get to work around a schedule that lets them fulfil their jobs as specialists and as homemakers. Freelancing is a lifestyle that requires grit, guts, and sacrifices. Hence the reason why we call them SUPER MOMSIES! 2. Financial Security Alert Since freelancing is project or client based, the money earned is being generated from the completion of a task upon what was requested by the clients. Here’s another plus point. You are able to weigh the amount of income you will be getting from each client. That’s right you can pick and choose! As obvious as it may be that freelancing benefits a person by not confining them to one source for income, it also sets an alarm to know if you’re financially secured. So peeps, don’t waste your time and […]

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