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Considering self-employment? Here are 6 questions you need to answer.

Freelance Opportunities Self Employment

I’m in favour of people starting their own business, but I also recognise it’s not for everyone. I’ve become tired of the anti-job rhetoric on social media not giving a balanced view. Should you quit your job to be self-employed? Maybe, but think it through. I’ve been on both sides. I’ve seen people do it and it work out amazingly and seen it not work out for others. Should I go freelance? Shutterstock I recently read Choose Yourself by James Altucher. In the book he directly addresses those in employment, telling them how easily they could replace their salary by working for themselves. He said a salary was the minimum someone could buy your time for and employers knew this, so paid the lowest they could get away with. The anti-job rhetoric over social media seems stronger than ever, with constant memes stating: “You can do better! Take back control, quit your job!”. There are others, about building other people’s dreams when you could build your own, 9-5s being a form of modern slave labour, and so on. It’s a very one-sided argument. Who’s behind these messages? Some are by self-employed people who have been successful and want to […]

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