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About 36% of U.S. workers are involved in the gig economy, and money-making apps have played a significant role in breaking down barriers that once kept people inside the office.1 Through free apps, you can earn income to pay off debt, supplement income, fund a hobby, and even support yourself full time. The best money-making apps allow you to work on your own time through a simple sign-up process while receiving fast and easy payment. We researched more than a dozen money-making apps to find the best options based on factors like earning potential, how quickly you can receive payment, and app store ratings. This roundup will help you choose the best money-making app based on your goals, how you want to earn, and the time you’re willing to invest. The Best Money-Making Apps for 2021 Sign Up Now Upwork’s simplicity, streamlined communication and potential for freelancers to earn more over time make it the best money-making app, whether you’re picking up a side hustle or building a full-time freelance business. Simple profile set-up to find work in hundreds of skill categories Attract new clients based on reviews, total earnings, and score Pursue ongoing or one-off projects by applying directly or receiving an invitation Payment protection ensures payment for successful work As a freelance marketplace driving the gig economy , Upwork is the best money-making app for skilled workers to connect with clients, while managing projects in one place. For its broad range of available skill categories, profile-building features and limitless earning potential, Upwork wins best overall. Regardless of your previous experience, Upwork makes it simple and easy to create a profile and apply for new gigs. Freelancers can find opportunities across hundreds of skill categories spanning digital marketing, coding, translation, admin work, and much more. If you can do it on a computer, you can do it on Upwork. Through Upwork, you can apply for one-off opportunities or find ongoing work with clients. New reviews and a rising Job Success Score will make you a more attractive candidate for future opportunities. Qualified freelancers may receive invitations for exclusive opportunities. Project funds are held in escrow through Upwork’s Payment Protection program, which helps ensure safe and timely payment for freelancers. You can receive payment through direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, or other methods. Unfortunately, freelancer fees range from five to 20%. The more you earn from an individual client, the lower your fee percentage. Funds aren’t credited to your account until 10 days after the weekly billing cycle ends. As an independent contractor, you’ll have to pay taxes on earnings. Available on: iOS: 4.6 stars Google: 4.3 stars Sign Up Now Offering numerous cashback options for online and in-store purchases, Rakuten delivers a seamless process with rewarding sign-up and referral incentives. Up to 40% cashback on purchases at thousands of qualifying retailers $10 welcome bonus for spending $25 $20 bonus for referring new users who spend at least $20 Browser extension offers additional perks and features Previously known as […]

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