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Have you always wanted to start a business from home? In an age when modern technology has made working from home an increasingly accessible option, starting an at-home business is easier than ever. If the idea of making money from home appeals to you, check out this list of 22 home-based business ideas! Freelancing Photo via @freelancewritingcafe Many jobs you could do for a company can also be done independently as a freelancer. Whether you’re a writer, programmer, or designer, you can build your own business in which you work directly with clients instead of through a company. Freelance entrepreneurs can find freelance opportunitie s through online job boards, by cold-calling or cold-emailing, networking, and more. Photography Photo via @alexglewisphotography Outside of traveling to photoshoot locations, photographers can easily do most of their day-to-day tasks—like photo editing, online marketing, and scheduling appointments—while working from home. Better still, you don’t need to invest in all the latest (and most expensive) gadgets to be a professional photographer . All it takes to start your own small photography business is a decent camera with basic equipment and plenty of practice. Blogging Photo via @contentcucumber Perfect for those with a passion for writing, blogging is one of the best online business opportunities available, thanks to the small amount of space and minimal investment required. Consistency is as important as skill to succeed in this modern home business endeavor since creating frequent blog posts will help you maintain a loyal audience and draw in new readers. And because bloggers make their money primarily through affiliate links, blog advertising, and sponsored content, having a solid base of readers makes all the difference. Podcasting Photo via @betweenthewinespodcast Podcasts have become extremely popular in the last five years, so now’s as good a time as any to start your own podcast business! With some basic recording equipment and a willingness to speak, you can launch a home-based podcast. The possibilities for podcasting are endless—comedy, advice, education, business, journalism, etc. If you have specialized knowledge, you can carve out a niche and find audiences and advertisers! Childcare Photo via @early_childhood_fun101 A home-based childcare business can take many forms, whether it’s being a full-time babysitter or running an in-home daycare. Whatever the case, childcare jobs are perfectly suited for the work-from-home lifestyle. However, before you can start a small business working with children, you’ll need the proper licensing . There are rare instances in which you may skip this step, but it’s generally a good idea to have some training and qualifications before starting a childcare business. Real Estate Photo via @courtmcmahon_realestate Getting a real estate license is surprisingly simple, and the payoff can be incredible. In fact, some people become independent real estate agents for a part-time job, then later make it a full-time career after they’ve found their footing. If you’re a people person, detail-oriented, and a good negotiator, starting your own real estate business from home is definitely worth considering! Bookkeeping Photo via @bakersbookkeeping Businesses of […]

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