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Best Gig Economy Jobs

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Gig jobs can go by many names — freelancing, side hustles, temp jobs or contract work — but they all operate under the same basic principle. Workers move from one assignment to the next, selecting the jobs they want and working under conditions they choose. “The gig economy gives you ultimate flexibility,” says Ross Buhrdorf, founder and CEO of ZenBusiness, a company that provides tools to freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to start a business. The platform has helped 150,000 new businesses launch since March 2020, compared to 30,000 in the year before. While gig work is traditionally thought of as relatively unskilled side hustles, such as driving for ridesharing services, the scope of this sector is actually much larger. There are plenty of opportunities for white collar workers as well, says Austin Fox, CEO of digital staffing firm PeopleCaddie. Here are five examples of great gig jobs across a variety of industries: — Delivery Driver. — Writer/Editor. — Accounting/Finance Professional. — Software Developer/IT Consultant. — Environmental, Health and Safety Worker. [ SEE: 10 Best Part-Time Jobs to Pay the Bills. ] Delivery Driver For traditional short-term gig jobs that let you work when and where you want, being a delivery driver provides maximum flexibility plus good earning potential. Whether they are delivering food via DoorDash, groceries through Shipt or home improvement purchases on the Roadie app, drivers often receive a flat fee for deliveries plus customer tips. Delivery work is especially good for those who don’t want to commit to future jobs. Today’s delivery app companies make it easy for workers to log on at any time to find jobs that can be completed immediately. Writer/Editor Journalists and writers are among the popular professions for freelance workers, says Morten Petersen, founder and CEO of freelance marketplace Worksome. While some in this profession write for traditional publishers such as newspapers and magazines, digital media has opened up new avenues of work. Professionals are needed to write, edit and proofread online articles, website content and marketing materials, for instance. Freelance writers and editors may find assignments through referrals from their network, or they may pitch story ideas to publications. Websites such as Worksome, Upwork and FlexJobs can also connect writers to available opportunities. [ SEE: 20 Best Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of. ] Accounting/Finance Professional Tax associates, auditors and accountants are among the professional workers that are in demand for contract work, according to Fox. “Anybody that is basically in the client services field,” he says. Contingent labor providers such as PeopleCaddie can connect companies with freelancers, or work may be available through platforms such as Worksome and Upwork. Some professionals may decide to go the self-employment route as financial advisors and find individual, rather than corporate, clients. Software Developer/IT Consultant Software consultants were among the most popular businesses launched via ZenBusiness since last spring, Buhrdorf says. However, any occupation in the field of informational technology may be a good choice for gig work. Companies often need graphic designers, website […]

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