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Best Freelance Websites 2021

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As the shadowy cover of COVID-19 slowly lifts, America is getting back to work. For many, however, the workplace looks a little different than you remember from before, and many Americans do not have the option to just return to their pre-pandemic jobs. Enormous nationwide layoffs and business closures prompted federal stimulus support just to make it through, but as vaccinations work to help make the world safe again, it has also come time to return to work so we can rebuild and prepare for our futures. Today, there are many job websites that claim to help you find immediate employment, but the freelance gig industry is a world of its own. As a freelancer, your needs are far different from the average commuter and salaried employee, which is why a specialized freelance job website can better suit your needs. Though seemingly similar, these services are much different from one another, not only in available jobs but also your membership structure. Pricing can include whatever charges and finder’s fees come with using a third-party provider of this nature. Accessibility and job quality can also vary based on the freelance website you choose. To help, we have compiled the five best freelance websites to find work in 2021. This is how they compare. Hardware specifications: Desktop, Android, iOS Current pricing details: $0-$14.99 per month Upwork is great for jobs both domestic and international. You can make a free profile to advertise your skills, and then you can either wait for jobs to find you, or you can take a more proactive stance to find and apply to jobs yourself. Upwork uses a currency called Connects that allows you to apply to jobs. Connects are refreshed on a monthly basis, and up to 200 can roll over each month. There are two plans that you can choose from. The Basic Freelancer plan is standard, or you can opt for the Freelancer Plus at a monthly subscription rate of $14.99 per month. With the Freelancer Plus, you receive a total of 80 Connects per month, plus a customized profile URL, confidential earnings reporting, and competitor insights when bidding on a job. Regardless of your plan, payment is pretty simple. Jobs pay via project milestones at a fixed price agreed upon in the future, or you can choose to accept jobs that pay on an hourly basis. Upwork takes a service fee from all earnings, but the amount varies depending on your total billings. Pros Cons Must pay service fees Limited job applications View Now at Upwork Hardware specifications: Desktop, Android, iOS Current pricing details: $0 Fiverr advertises that it has been used by over “11 million satisfied businesses” for freelance projects. It has an impressive client roster that includes notable companies like Facebook, Netflix, and Google. Through the Fiverr business plan, entire teams can use the platform to connect with freelancers who have proven business experience. For freelancers, there are over 200 different categories with gig work and ongoing projects. It services […]

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