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Being a solopreneur: 8 digital jobs you can do from home

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Becoming a digital solopreneur can sort your life if you choose a career field that really interests you. You can work how you like while sitting at home, and even be your own boss! In a world where the internet is now used by more than 4.5 billion individuals or over half the global population, the online medium is undoubtedly bursting with new possibilities. Combine access to good speed Internet with adequate technical knowhow and a knack for business innovation, and you have the recipe for starting a solo digital business. With the ever-restless millennial workforce always on the lookout for avenues that break the status quo, digital solopreneurs or people running solo businesses online are the next big thing! The digital revolution sweeping the world has given us unprecedented access to people, ideas as well as marketplace. On one hand, the digital medium gives us access to a huge market or consumers, on the other hand it also makes it easier to find work associates and sell your skills. While businesses are using the digital medium to thrive like never before, the online world has also engendered a new breed of digital solopreneurs. Interestingly, while the word Solopreneur is not new, it has gained currency in recent years particularly with respect to the new breed of solo entrepreneurs launching or running their businesses purely through the digital medium. How does a solopreneur business work? An interior designer who works alone, a woman who makes and sells elegant pottery products, and a caterer who arranges food for parties or a solo party planner are all examples of solopreneurs. These business owners offer a unique product or service, tie up with real or digital marketplaces, hire services of freelances, and run their businesses efficiently. Solopreneurs are essentially entrepreneurs who work alone. While Solopreneurs do not hire any workforce, they partner with several people or organizations to be able to deliver their service. 8 career options as digital solopreneurs 1. Youtubers Do you know that the world’s most subscribed individual YouTuber is Swedish comedian and gamer PewDiePie who has more than 100 million subscribers. His YouTube videos primarily comprise of comedy shows and gaming videos and are relished by millions of people across the world. YouTubers are one of the newest breeds of solopreneurs. They attract and engage a large audience through their talent or informative videos. Motivational videos, health tips, cookery, and satirical and comic videos are some of the most commonly followed YouTube channels. Here’s how you can become a YouTuber too. 2. Creative designing If you have a knack for producing attractive graphical designs with a hang of illustration-based software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, graphic designing is a business proposition that is high in demand. Graphic designers are critical in turning any content into a more attractive and captivating one through the use of visual concepts and production designs. They are not just crucial to designing magazines and brochures but also enabling creation of more engaging reports […]

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