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Slack Jobs in Seattle, WA

Browne Accounting SPC is a virtual, B Corp CPA firm and we’re looking for a lead accountant to join our team and help service client accounts. What we’re looking for: -Monthly review, reconciliation, and oversee bookkeeping staff -Manage client experience, communications, and address questions/issues -Experience with E-Commerce and/or professional services is needed -Fluency in the […]

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Two Exciting New Team-Based Freelance Platforms

getty There was an interesting article in the Washington Post this morning: “Covid-proofing air is a $10 billion dollar opportunity.” It got me thinking about the application of “hunters and farmers” to freelancing. Am I more of a hunter : the kind of freelancer that, as an individual, is going after new opportunities, ensuring my […]

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How Flexible Workspaces Can Serve Self-Employed Workers

How a flexible workspace can serve self-employed workers. Self-employed and freelance workers are making up a larger part of the workforce than ever before. While some self-employed workers are content to work in their homes, the in-home office isn’t always sufficient. Here, Holly Welles explains what to expect from a flexible space, and how this […]

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What You Should Include In Your Copywriter Portfolio

what to include copywriter portfolio website sections Most freelance copywriters are constantly looking for new customers or new fascinating projects. However, the best way to showcase your skills is to create a modern, engaging copywriter’s portfolio website. You can build such a site from scratch yourself… but the average writer hardly has sufficient coding and […]

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