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Academy of Art University: How an Art & Design Degree Closes the Skills Gap and Fills the Employment Void with Freelancing

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Share Tweet Share Share Freelancers are changing the course of the economy during this unpredictable time. Self-employed freelancers of all trades from photography to illustration, to graphic design, are utilizing this time to their advantage through innovation. According to a recent report shared by Upwork , freelancer income contributes to almost $1 trillion or 5% of GDP. This market continues to increase as independent workers recognize the empowering benefits of creating their own schedules, increased flexibility, and managing their own clientele as opposed to working for an agency. In addition, many companies recognize the need for skilled professionals who are independent and have already had their own training in their respective fields. For example, a publishing company can easily hire a freelance Illustrator to create a book cover. Academy of Art University offers specialized degree programs across a wide range of creative industries and fields. It works to create a space for artists and designers to thrive by giving them opportunities to gain real-world experience. A Growing Market for Freelancers Given today’s work climate where thousands of Americans are following social distancing guidelines and many companies have implemented work from home initiatives, freelancing allows for flexibility and growth. Freelancing offers a highly diverse and dynamic work environment for those who are prepared with the right skills. It offers a flexible work environment as opposed to working out of an office. Many working professionals are drawn to freelancing because it allows them to work independently on their own schedules along with handling client relationships. Companies that want animations or videos created to promote their products have the benefit of hiring someone experienced in those fields including illustration, technical writing, graphic design and so on. Freelancers can utilize the hours in the day where they perform the best to increase productivity. In addition, it allows professionals to turn their passions into careers that they’re able to manage however they choose. This can also give them the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world or from home. Many are taking this as an opportunity to travel and live around the world for extended periods of time. COVID-19 has presented a new challenge for companies that did not already have a work from home policy in place. Many companies that already implemented work from home policies were more prepared to make the switch. Companies are beginning to recognize the value of hiring experts who are already trained as opposed to hiring someone in-house. Freelancers are well equipped to handle the changing job market as they’ve adjusted to the challenges of working independently. Challenges of Freelancing Although freelancing has its benefits, the growing market of freelance professionals face challenges such as finding access to affordable healthcare and having to continually grow their client base. Many freelancers rely heavily on routine and discipline, so this type of work could be an adjustment for those who work more productively in an office environment. Those who work remotely also face the challenge of having to […]

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