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A Guide To Hiring Freelancers Online

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When work or creative projects become too much to handle alone, or you reach a technical hurdle you lack the skills or time to overcome, being able to hire a freelancer to get you over the line is a godsend. The internet—specifically online freelancer platforms such as Fiverr —allow you to instantly connect to thousands of professionals across a range of industries. This means with the correct preparation, business etiquette and clear terms, you can have your project being worked on within minutes and overcome whatever creative or technical gridlock you might be facing. With so many digital freelancers looking for work, and so many options available in the service market, finding the right person can be harder than you might think. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for is hugely important for cutting through the noise, and having clear terms outlined from the start, then following up with strong communication is essential. Here are the key things to consider when engaging with a freelancer online. 1. Preparation The most important thing you can do before engaging with a freelancer is to know exactly what you are looking for, and to have everything prepared in advance. You’re going to want to know ahead of time if the work is ad-hoc or ongoing, and set your budget and timeframes accordingly. If this project is going to take some time or require frequent revisions, or if you’re going to be looking for someone with these skills on a regular basis, you might want to take some serious time to prepare your brief and get started on the right track. 2. Writing Your Brief Once you are ready to put together a concise brief to present to prospective freelancers, it is important to focus on some of these key details: Deadlines : Be crystal clear on your own timeframes, and create enough breathing room between their deadline and yours. However, also be aware you may not be your freelancer’s only client, so try to be realistic and keep this in mind. Budget : Once you know how much you need and when you need it, figure out how much money you can spare on the project, and then find freelancers with suitable portfolios who charge enough under that number to still be able to scale and fit within your budgetary constraints. Scope : One of the core reasons why setting a budget upfront is important. Even with small, seemingly innocuous tasks, a professional freelancer is going to be able to identify areas that require more attention. On top of this as well, it will be in their nature to up-sell and expand the scope of your project to lock in more work for themselves. This can be a valuable addition to the project, but needs to be properly reigned in to suit your budget. Creative Vision : Regardless of if you’re hiring a designer, artist, writer, or even consultancy, ensuring your vision is clear within your brief is crucial. The less transparent you […]

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