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9 Things Every Content Marketing Agency Needs

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Amid the hustle of creating the best content possible for their clients, content marketing agencies can end up neglecting their own brand. Ironically, busy agencies can put so much focus on client work that their own business and marketing strategy falls to the back-burner. By considering the following factors, agencies can make sure their competition doesn’t outshine them while they’re busy making clients happy. 1. Unique Value Proposition Content marketing agencies are everywhere. In the digital age, every agency needs to “niche down” and demonstrate their uniqueness. Casting too wide of a net makes companies forgettable rather than memorable. Niching down often requires some market research to make sure you’re striking a balance between too specific (e.g. something no one has heard of) and not specific enough (e.g. specializing in social media is not a niche). A good value proposition is simple, straightforward, and always differentiates you from competition. It gives your audience a concrete reason to pick you – your ‘why’ factor. 2. Proof of Expertise Agencies most often prove their expertise with a portfolio of past client work. Case studies are also a great way to show detailed results, like how much money you’ve saved clients or how many conversions your content has generated. But proof of expertise can also come from other sources, like authority and status. For example, an agency that has been around for decades has obvious staying power. An agency whose founder worked in a certain industry pre-qualifies them for success in that industry. 3. A Roster of Reliable Writers A 2020 Content Marketing Institute study showed 84% of marketers are outsourcing content creation as a whole. This trend was pervasive across companies of different sizes, marketing budgets, and marketing success rates. With so many tasks to manage, most agencies have learned the value of employing freelancers. Scripted connects agencies to freelance writers who specialize in marketing and have extensive experience in the field. The help of one or several writers can be a game-changer for an agency that is overburdened with requests for content. Our vetted writers craft blogs, newsletters, case studies, and promotional materials that are designed to meet goals. 4. Tracking and Measuring Measuring content marketing ROI is no easy feat, and with vanity metrics always a click away, it can be easy to lose sight of what matters. Agencies need to keep track of the cost of content creation as a whole, the cost of content distribution, and the total sales that resulted from that content. Every content marketing agency worth their salt has a method for analyzing KPIs and measuring results, both for its clients and itself. Tracking sales, lead quality, web traffic, and platform-specific ROI is a good start. Tools like Buzzsumo can automate this process and help manage your data for you. 5. Relationship Building While agencies are known for taking on finite projects, building long-term relationships with clients and prospects is key to sustainability. An agency that is relationship-focused is going to generate more word-of-mouth […]

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