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8 Hacks To Kickstart Your Career As A Freelancer

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If you are considering beginning a career as a freelancer, the prospect can be daunting. Being self-employed has its perks, but it isn’t without vulnerability. No longer able to rely on an exact salary and predictable working hours, freelance work will take your life in a different direction; one of freedom, and increased self discipline and responsibility. Freelance life allows you to choose when you work, giving you more freedom, flexibility and self-determination of your routine. For many freelancers, especially artists, writers and other self-contained professions, freelancing means being able to work from home, rather than commuting into an office every day. Freelancer life means that you are your own boss, through and through. Of course, there are downsides to this. Firstly, being your own boss means… Well, being your own boss. If something goes wrong, there’s nobody to blame and nobody to turn to for advice. In a similarly daunting way, freelancing’s freedom perks can also create issues along the way; you have no fixed income, especially in the first few years of your work, and therefore financial discipline is absolutely vital. Freelancing means taking control of your working life, but it also means taking control of your own willpower. So if you’re looking to become a freelancer and leave the nine-to-five behind, here are eight hacks to kickstart your freelance career! 1. Your Website There are thousands of freelancers who likely perform the same, or around about the same job as you. That is, simply, the unavoidable truth. As a freelancer, being noticeable online is a surefire way to secure work going forward. One simple way to do this is by having a well-designed, user-friendly website. For a small fee per year, sites like Squarespace or WordPress will enable you to design a unique site which shows off your services, skills and background. Your site should showcase your excellence as a freelancer, with examples of your work clearly on display, and even a few key reviews from satisfied clients. This will help propel you into success as an individual freelancer in a very big pool of workers. 2. A Professional Freelancer Contract Once you begin to secure work as your popularity grows within your industry, you will need to draw up a contract which your clients will sign before proceeding with any work with them. This is to ensure that the terms are fully agreed by both parties before you continue. Unfortunately, many freelancers who do not provide a contract will encounter clients who try to avoid paying the full amount agreed, after the work is already completed. With a professional contract, you can determine the exact amount agreed upon, plus the allotted date before which the client should complete the payment. Other important factors for your contract are a full description of the work you are agreeing to provide, the date the work will be delivered, and a clause which outlines the ownership and usability of the work once it is delivered to the client. How […]

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