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7 Creative Freelance Business Tips

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The business side of freelancing is something that can be easily taken for granted. Finding freelance clients and understanding what to charge is important, but there is much more to the business of operating as a freelancer. Being able to have proper communication with your clients and systems in place for capturing and documenting funds are just as crucial to your success. Using the following 7 key creative freelance business tips to maximize your opportunities and keep your clients happy. Set Up a Standard Creative Brief Use Skype to Contact Clients Face to Face Capture Money Upfront and Use Invoicing Software Utilize Contracts to Protect Yourself Work with Other Freelancers Network to Gain Referral Business Have System for Client Follow Ups 1. Set Up a Standard Creative Brief Having a standard creative brief for starting new client projects is going to save you a lot of frustration in the long term. Many clients may not understand how to communicate their needs and goals to you. They also may not grasp what information you need from them to get started on a project. Having a standard creative brief (and a few basic questions you ask when they engage you), will help ensure that you have what you need and avoid confusion. Clarity of communication is essential to manage expectations on both sides. 2. Use Skype to Have Face Time with Clients There is something to be said for being able to look someone in the eye when you do business. With freelance landscape growing and creating more opportunities to work remotely, many freelancers take client anxiety about working with a stranger for granted. When you are not a local hire, doing everything you can to ease a client’s anxiety about working with you is essential. Skype is a great way to help clients feel comfortable and to be able to communicate with them more effectively. You can screen share and explain things to them in real time, and there are several apps that allow you to record a Skype call (with permission) so that you can reference the information accurately later. Skype also allows you to share links with clients in the chat section. 3. Capture a Deposit Upfront from Your Clients and Use Invoicing Software When it comes to capturing money, many creatives become uncomfortable. Initially requesting a deposit to begin work on a project makes sense for both parties and helps set appropriate expectations. This also protects you as a creative, while keeping you accountable to the client. Using invoicing software like Freshbooks or Quickbooks can help you keep track of payments and expenses, and have a paper trail should payment be disputed with a client at any point. More after the jump! Continue reading below ↓ Free and Premium members see fewer ads! Sign up and log-in today. 4. Protect Yourself and Your Work with Contracts Contracts can feel intimidating, but they are the best way to protect yourself and your work. If contracts are something you […]

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