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6 Reasons Your New Business Should Hire Freelancers

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I’m the founder of goLance, an online freelance marketplace with more $89 million in payouts and I run this business from home—and sometimes anywhere—with global freelance talent. I’d like to share with you some of the many ways that using freelancers can help entrepreneurs reduce costs while getting the quality talent they need for achieving amazing results. Here are some key advantages adapted from my book, REMOTE iT!, Winning with Freelancers: Save money Freelancers are essentially self-employed and running their own businesses and you can avoid paying certain overhead costs that companies pay for employees. Freelancing is something they chose, and they enjoy the freedom and flexibility it offers well beyond what is expected from a corporate job. Get specific, versatile skills not available in house They may be more likely to have multiple skills in the areas that you need. Bringing in a freelancer who can tackle a challenge more effectively and in a much shorter time than it would take to train someone can help you to reduce costs while meeting business demands. Use them to fill the gaps while lowering costs When your business peaks, call in a freelancer to help. When they finish the contract, you won’t have to worry about keeping them on or trying to find assignments for them. They’ll move on to the next client or project. Get a fresh perspective On average, freelancers can work on one to three contracts simultaneously. They tend to have a high level of enthusiasm and new ideas because they’re used to working with a wide range of people on a variety of projects. Increase adaptability You may want to leverage skills that are more affordable and available outside your region or country, and global freelancers can fill this void. They can also provide support outside of your normal working hours, which makes your business more accessible to people in different time zones. Go totally remote and save If you move to a fully remote office operation with freelancers, and avoid having to use an expensive office, think about all of the potential benefits. When you don’t have to pay for office space, the money you’ll save in utilities, insurance, and leasing expenses alone can dramatically increase your profitability. When your business already leverages remote online freelance talent from the start, like mine, it helps to protect you from a wide range of disruptions that can impact your business. It can also enable you to reduce costs while meeting the demands of your customers. Author: Michael Brooks, is the CEO and founder of goLance , an online freelance marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers and is used for recruiting, screening, hiring, managing, and paying global talent.

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