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6 Micro Business Ideas for Busy Students

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There’s nothing more important for a student than academic success. But unfortunately, bills don’t pay themselves. Thus, finding the means to provide for a living is usually a never-ending quest. Of course, you can find a job and earn some money. However, chances are that in this case, there will scarcely be any time left for your studies, even if it’s only a part-time job. It’s not like there are no ways to solve that problem, too. Busy students who don’t have time to write essays know they can always hire professional essay writers from EssayWritingService and get help. But with a demanding job, even that might not be enough. So, is there a way to secure an income while not fully neglecting your studies at the same time? Sure! For example, you can work flexible hours at a fast-food cafe. But we have a better idea: start your own business. A micro business. What Is Micro Business? In case you’re not sure what a micro business is: it’s the smallest of all small businesses. Speaking in numbers, micro businesses usually answer the following criteria: have fewer than 10 employees (usually 1-5); require less than $50,000 of investments; earn less than $250,000 a year. Of course, numbers may vary. But the core idea is that you can start a micro business with as few employees as possible – or without any employees at all, except yourself – and with as little money as you can spare. It’s also much easier to start a business nowadays. Even if you’re a busy student with only one laptop and your skills at your disposal, you now have all the advantages that modern technology startups and online marketplaces offer. Are you convinced yet? Read on to find out some of our best micro business suggestions for busy students. 6 Micro Business Ideas From freelance writing to house cleaning, here’s what you can try – even if you’re terribly busy and don’t have lots of money to spend. Freelancing If you have any talent or expertise you can monetize, working as a freelancer can be the best option, as well as the easiest one. Nowadays, freelancers are considered to be individual entrepreneurs, so this type of activity naturally falls into the micro business category. As to what exactly you can do, it mainly depends on your aptitude and skills. Many students work in such fields as: writing, editing, and proofreading; web and graphic design; coding; social media marketing. For example, writing services remain a staple among student businesses. To get a clearer idea of what such a company should be like, check writing services reviews. Essay reviews by NoCramming can be a great source of such information. Moreover, they can also help you choose a service for yourself in case you need one. Tutoring While it may be true that the tutoring business is largely occupied by professional teachers, there’s plenty of room left for college and university students, too. In fact, some pupils […]

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